So here's my attempt to create an asymmetrical duckface. I also happened to be wearing a pair of sunglasses from the freshly launched Dutch VOGUE, which brings me to today's topic after this, yes, incredibly short intro.

Yesterday morning. I really don't know how I ended up with this autographed Vogue magazine and a pair of sunglasses with the VOGUE logo. My day started off fairly ambitious, I got up at this unholy time to get to university. At that moment I was about 70 kilometres away from uni. Well, I managed to raise that number to 80 kilometres, just for fun (I am emphasizing some sarcasm right here). A matter of making the wrong choices in the oh so fabulous Dutch public transport. Anyway, I ended up in Rotterdam while my tight morning schedule was halfway to Amsterdam already.. Without me. Yes, at early mornings I treat my time as something very, very precious. Replace the word 'money' in that famous saying time is money with 'sleep', and there you have it: my favourite motto at 7 'o clock in the morning. Anyway, wasn't going to make it to college after mon erreur fatale, so...

Well, now follows this humongous gap in the story in which I eventually end up in Amsterdam.. But instead of attending university I spontaneously decided to line up in Amsterdam's biggest fashion department store for getting the very first Dutch Vogue autographed by their new editors. I even had a chat with their main fashion stylist, Marije Goekoop: she was very surprised that her name kind of blurted out of my mouth, along with some drivel. Bhehehe. Just kidding, I don't get that maniacal over famous people. But she seemed really honoured and happy to have someone approach her and compliment her on her work, just adorable. Do you know that feeling that whenever you see someone famous walk by, you really feel the urge to point that out to the friend you're with? I kind of had the urge to share the sentence 'That's Marije Goekoop!' with.. Marije Goekoop herself? Wanted to state something like don't you know who you are? Shouldn't you be acting all weird and arrogant? She didn't, which is completely normal and human off course - but I wouldn't see myself say hello to, say, Anna Wintour like that.

All in all, my Wednesday morning wasn't quite what I expected, and now I am pretty curious of what these more down to earth women have come up with. I am eager to learn whether it is possible to put an amazeballs quality magazine out there, without all the stupid fuzz of the usual magazine editor atmosphere. It probably sounds like I am romanticizing the Dutch fashion industry (which wouldn't be a fair image, it's still a fashion industry) but it was certainly worth mentioning that these women have a certain mindset that I dig.
I hope that this mindset has translated into a magazine that I love as well. We will find out within a week, when I get the time to actually do things that don't involve studying, woo!

Some evidence of my presence. Along with Karin Swerink, editor-in-chief, and fellow blogger Joy from Just Like Sushi. Credits of the pictures go to her as well!


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  1. hey meiss!:) was leuk je te ontmoeten. Ik volg je trouwens al! Wat toevallig.. heb ook net mijn vogue report geplaatst ;) X

  2. die eerste foto is echt geweldig!
    En je schrijft ook echt leuk!
    Super dat je erbij was! (ook al was de reden misschien niet echt handig. ;)

  3. geweldige foto's!


  4. Yay, ik heb hem ook! :D
    Niet de super-deluxe limited edition, maar toch. Super leuk dat je ook echt dé mensen achter Vogue hebt ontmoet, daar ben ik dan wel weer een beetje jaloers op ;)

  5. Wat leuk geschreven weer haha! Super tof dat je de limited edition hebt en helemaal gesigneerd :)
    En die eerste foto is echt wauwww!

  6. Gaaf! :D Ik heb 'm ook, alleen niet gesigneerd :(

  7. Oke die eerste foto is echt AWESOME!

    Xoxo Whitney

  8. leuke report van Vogue! En die bril staat je leuk

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