OUTFIT // Suffocation

I had this crazy night yesterday. went to the Crystal Castles gig I talked about. the public was all trendy and

'oh, it took me 2 hours to compose my outfit but I'm pretending it only took me 30secs. I'm so cool.'

the light show was tripping and the lead singer was waving around with her personal stroboscope, while standing on her audience. at that point this dude in a dress came up to me and dropped half a litre of beer on me.. he was too busy looking alternative and trendy to even notice.

we decided to leave for another party, which involved a bonfire, bad music and people dressed up in nothing but jeans and hoodies. not nearly as cool as the CC-crowd thought they were, but I realized that all the fashionable people at Crystal Castles were missing out on the best kind of party ever.

I still loved the gig, despite the hysterical audience. today's song is from Crystal Castles' newest album.

H&M trend dress, H&M corset and tights, knitted cardigan from my mother's closet, Topshop wedges

these blurry pictures, the lack of sleep.. it's making me dizzy. or maybe it's just the music.


OUTFIT // Stripes and pastels.

stripes and pastels have been ruling my world for the past few days. voila, part one of this combination's saga.

H&M trend kimono jacket, striped tee and tweed studded shorts, don't know where these shoes came from actually, bowler hat from France, vintage college bag, my favorite jewellery

I'm putting this vintage bag for sale, by the way. for Dutch-speaking people: hij staat op marktplaats, als je interesse hebt laat me weten want dan link ik even in mijn volgende post naar m'n account! for non-Dutchies: whenever you're interested, just comment below or email me at stijlkind@gmail.com . I'm planning on selling lots more so stay tuned!


OUTFIT // Popof.

hair in a mess. no makeup,except for the stained coral lipstick, applied in a rush. bad location for taking pictures. my youngest sister as an unexperienced and impatient photographer. chipped nailpolish, in the wrong colour.

a late afternoon sun, the sunrays caressing our skin. the perfect lighting. some beautiful shots, despite the inexperience of both photographer and me. a cat walking down the street while we're taking pictures. the perfect vintage crochet detail dress. I believe that it's a 60's wedding dress (or I just love to believe that).

and a new favorite song of mine in the background. (it's the intro. love the intro.)

Spring has finally arrived. and I hope that there will follow a lot of days like this.

vintage crochet detail dress, random ribbon worn as belt, Topshop Amazeog wedges, my favorite jewelry, H&M sunglasses & studded bag


OUTFIT // Four seasons.

vintage silky blouse, vintage leather shorts, H&M polka dot tights, vintage watches, other jewelry random

although I don't listen to classical music that often, there's nothing more relaxing than to sit back and listen to a symphony. but classical music can be energetic as well.
the classical string instruments of Vivaldi create a vivid piece of music, nothing bland at all.
I tried to pick an outfit that is like Vivaldi's music - a conservative blouse combined with black leather to create a look that has classy features, without becoming too old-fashioned.

oh, and I just love this fan. it's a souvenir I bought abroad. thought it matched the shoes.