OUTFIT // Ride my bike

Although these pictures are a few months old, the outfit would have definitely fitted yesterday's weather. It was so cold! The weather gods are pretty confused however, today Spring has already returned again (I'm not complaining!)

Ph. by Casper

Just can't get over the skirt-belt combination.. Already seen here

Skirt // Monki
Sweater // vintage
Golden belt // vintage
Coat // H&M (2008)
Combat boots // River Island

I have lots of pictures in store for you, but examinations are coming up once again.. Wish me luck! I'll be seeing you sometime soon.



LIFE // Beautiful people

An introduction to some boys and girls I spent an inspirational afternoon with. Some of them I knew already, some of them I didn't - but they're all beautiful in their own unique way. And so is their sense of style.

Me and my sparkle girl Sabrina // Christian's golden smile // and his golden accessories // pretty gals // Xaviera being photographed by Valentino. Don't you just love her Celine necklace?! // the handsome Valentino // and his YSL's // Sabrina's DIY clutch // Zafiera // and her killer tat // cutiepie Nadja

PS had to ditch the cute little MP3 players I used to add to every post.. it became too difficult to upload my favourite music and embed it. But since I think music is an important element to my blog, I'll keep on adding songs to my posts!

Talking about music, I attended several concerts last week and if I get the time to I might show you some pictures.. Does the name 'Oh Land' ring a bell?




EVENT // Cosmo

Yesterday I attended the Cosmo mooiste benen van Nederland 2011 event. In other words: a contest about the prettiest Dutch legs strutting around in our little country. Although I was kind of sceptic about the whole thing - I generally don't like these kind of 'meat inspections' as I call them - the Cosmo team managed to put down a fun, light-heartedly event that even hit the front pages of the national papers!

The most important thing for me was that I met some incredibly fun, laid-back, creative and beautiful people! Sabrina, Xaviera, Zafiera, Nadja, Valentino and last but not least Christian - thanks for such a wonderful afternoon! I'm sure you'll be seeing them more often on my blog from now on.

For now, I'll leave you with a little bit of a sneak peek from the event. There's a lot more to follow, but I am off to Amsterdam in a bit - I won tickets for London Calling, a great festival in this club called Paradiso. So that's were you'll be spotting me tonight! Hope you'll have a great weekend, I'll certainly will be having mine!

all the girls lined up // the judges, uncluding Jort Kelder and last year's winner // famous Dutch people: hostess Lauren Verster, actress Katja Schuurman, DJ and former judo champion Dennis van der Geest and Nikki Plessen, former VJ // the catwalk and me on the big twitter screen // the winner: Anke // me by Sabrina // a little sneek peak on the outfit


STYLE IN SKETCHES // White blazer

Never thought I would actually be able to continue an art project.. Behold: the second part of the series Style in Sketches, and this time I have focused on
one of my biggest loves at the moment: the white boyfriend blazer.

You might have noticed that I have been wearing mine quite a lot lately - moreover, I have been wearing it to the point that it's showing tears and ripped fabric everywhere.

I wouldn't mind replacing my old blazer for this brilliant item from the Viktor & Rolf men's line.

Found the picture in GLAMOUR magazine. I used multiple pencils in the range of 2H-4B and finished it on my laptop by adding digital watercolour with my Wacom tablet.

Hope you like it! If so, I might continue this little series.


OUTFIT // White. Pink.

I still owed you these pictures from the stuff I wore a few weeks ago at the Spice PR day. A simple transition outfit from college to the event - just a simple top, blazer, jeans and a nice pair of heels.. With hot pink lipstick, two necklaces and a ring as the icing on the cake. The home-made crystal snake pendant has been my latest obsession, it's both minimalistic and dramatic, exactly how I like it.

I don't know how I could have lived without this bag for all these years. It's simply perfect for me! It's BIG. It's PRAGMATIC. BLACK LEATHER! GOLDEN BUCKLES! I'm in love ♥

Top // eBay
Blazer // New Look, old
Jeans // H&M
Nude heels // River Island
Bag // ZARA
Agate pendant // a market in Amsterdam
Snake crystal pendant // made it myself
Ring // H&M



OUTFIT // Ombre hair

Sooo.. You might have seen the little preview on my hair already, and here's the rest of the pictures. I have finally done it - I dipdyed my hair!

For this look, I simply made a small calculation..

VoilĂ , my new ombre hairstyle! It strongly reminded me of the My Little Pony horses from my childhood, and I love love love it! Especially because I have never done anything special to my hair ever before. The only downside is that, as we are speaking, the colour has washed out already - it's quite a task to maintain the colour. On the other hand, I'm able to try out different colours in a matter of days!

What do you think, do you love the ombre hairstyle, or don't you? What colour of hairdye would you pick to dip your hair in?

Hairdye // La Riche Directions
Neon pink lipstick (my latest obsession) // Aktion
Blazer // New Look
Tee // Primark mens department
Jeans // H&M
Snakeskin texture leather bag // ZARA
Silver pendant // made by me
Silver cross ring // made by me
Flat leather peeptoe shoes // ZARA

This post also is a little preview on the necklace I recently made, with some help of my colleagues down at the goldsmith's store I work in. More detailed pictures soon!




RANDOM // Absence

Don't ask what I've been doing for the past three weeks. I really don't know how I managed to not blog for almost a month, haha. Must have been the weather.

Anyway, I have loads of pictures for you. Some of you could have read on my twitter that I've done something new to my hair.. Here's a little preview!

More to come soon.. (or not, if the sun decides to lure me outside again). Hope you still like me, dearies. ♥