OUTFIT // Colours, people, statues, fashion.

I only managed to make some outfit shots, but here I am guys, standing in ANTWERPEN. I regret not having taken pictures of the beautiful streets, wonderful architecture, the gorgeous people and the talented street artists. Talking about street artists, the living statue in picture 4 took a break of his frozen pose and made some time for his friend on the right to have a chat. Had to take a picture before my camera battery ran out.

The shops in Antwerpen are brilliant, the high street stores are all there at the boulevard-ish Meir. Lovely street. After shopping at Urban Outfitters (wish they had one in the Netherlands) we found our way to stylish COS.
My shopping climax however? We accidentally bumped into a vintage store called Think Twice, and they held their regularly held €2,- sale! I've scored 10 vintage pieces for €20, including a 60s maxi dress and two leather jackets.
...I don't think I'll ever step into an Amsterdam vintage store again. See you soon, Antwerpen.

Cutoff denim shorts | vintage Levi's
Chanel logo tee | DIY
Navy blazer | ZARA
Tights | random
Shoes | H&M
Quilted bag | vintage
Necklace | eBayed vintage
Pearl two-finger ring | H&M
Golden ring | inherited
Watch | CASIO
Necklace worn as a bracelet | vintage


LIFE // Encara que és negra nit.

We followed the footsteps of Antoni Gaudí, and crossed the wonderful city of Barcelona.

Music: Xavier Elies - Negra Nit

1 & 2. Parc Güell.
3 & 4. The most wonderful church interior I have ever seen - Sagrada Familia.
5. Sagrada Familia.
6. Spiralling stairway in one of the towers.
7. Bananas.
8. I seem to have a fascination with doors.. See image 5 & previous post.
9. The view from the tower.
10.I want to go back right now...


LIFE // L'Escala

So here's the first part about my holiday in Spain.
I figured that the numerous fairytale-like places I have visited (and the thousands of pictures) deserved multiple posts.

I celebrated my holiday with my family and boyfriend in the lovely region of L'Escala. This place consists of the typical mix of traditional Catalan culture and crowded tourism. I prefer the first part.

Therefore I really appreciated the little town of Sant Martí D'Empúries. Despite the many tourists swirling around the restaurants, ordering French fries and egg sunny side up, we managed to enjoy the view, the Gothic church and the lovely food.

To be continued..


RANDOM // Returned

I totally forgot to tell you that I'm back from my holiday!! I've been immensely busy with the people I love & future stuff that you'll like.

big post tomorrow!