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Have a nice weekend dearies.
Outfit post on Sunday, when I get the time to.




These pictures were taken in approximately 10 seconds.

Doing a quick pose on a windy Leidseplein in Amsterdam, while waiting for the tram to come.

The tram came slightly sooner than expected.. See upper right corner.

Wearing Primark leopard pants (told you I got inspired), AA tee, khaki green C&A knitwear from last year, ZARA booties, borrowed bag



I loved this song at the time it was released (now nine years ago), so I was excited to hear this lovely cover from Mads Langer.

Khaki green maxi dress, Primark. Striped shirt, H&M mens department (I think). Boots, ZARA. Leather jacket, Supertrash. Random scarf, shield ring from Primark.

I always thought khaki green was a colour for brunettes. But it actually looks pretty good on blondes as well! Like it? There's more khaki to come soon!

I've seen a lot of bloggers do it: making their own maxi skirts. It might be a necessary thing to do for me as well - I'm too tall for every confection store maxi skirt! I'm wearing this high waisted one on my hips right now.. And it's still too short. Grrrahhhhh..

The upside is that there'll might be a little DIY in store for you..
To be continued.



Classic navy coat, River Island. Grey knitted jumper, H&M. Vintage oversized men's blouse. Vintage leather waist belt. Boots, ZARA. Vintage bag. Hat, H&M. Can't remember what lipstick I was wearing, and where the hell I got the idea from to do my nails in twotone

Today's song is a classic. This version of The Cure's Close to Me dates from 1985, but it's timeless. I can listen to it daily, I don't think I'll get tired of it. And it inspires me in so many ways!

Since classic is today's word for me, I opted for classic pieces for this outfit. A navy jacket with golden buttons, a conservative knitted jumper, a vintage bag that resembles the Godmother of classic bags - the Chanel 2.55. To top it off, I added a tad of bright red lipstick and an old-fashioned hat to give it a little French twist. In other words, total overkill of classiness. Mmm, I love overkill.

Anyone who knows The Cure, knows that the word 'classic' doesn't apply in the same ways for their music, and this outfit. But I think that the esssential key word of a classic is timeless. I mentioned it before: it's interesting to mix up classics from different eras, whether it is musical inspiration or literally a mix-up of a 90s denim jacket and a 60s maxi dress.

In my opinion, time clash is going to become the next classic.



I think I need to inject my wardrobe with a little bit of leopard.

Picture credit: I simply can't remember where all these pictures came from because they've been on my computer for ages.. Except for the Stockholmstreetstyle footage.

The leopard subject came to mind because this Dutch old lady, that used to be in a funny real-life soap about a typical Amsterdam family, passed away last week. She really was awesome - at the age of 82 she wore animal print ONLY. Rest in peace, Nel.



Because of last week's lack of posting I decided to make up by posting an item with a picture overload! I attended the Patrizia Pepe showroom event yesterday and wanted to share this with you pretty badly, so here we go!

This was my first press event ever and I was pretty nervous because of the expectations I had of such an event.. I expected to enter a room full of gorgeous clothes, fashion people and fellow bloggers and that idea made me slightly high-strung. But when I entered the big hall, the only thing that lived up to my expectations were the clothes. The room was literally EMPTY! Really confusing. Nevertheless, this gave me the chance to roam around in the entire new collection of Patrizia Pepe, and I must say I loved it to bits!

The collection mainly consisted of the colours we have seen in a lot of SS10 collections: powder pink, khaki and mint. At this point I'm a fan already, I die for pastel palettes! But it doesn't end here. Because Patrizia Pepe is often all about popping colours, the collection contains a tad of coral and floral print as well. And to give it that typical Patrizia Pepe glam touch, the designers added items loaded with embellishments and crocodile structured leather. Sounds good? I'd say it does.

I managed to take a picture of the showroom for you, but you'll have to be a little bit patient for the actual pictures of the looks. I'm going to do a detailed post in about a month and a half about the newest PP collection. Be on the lookout.. the butter-soft leather tanktop dress with cutout details, buckled wedges in camel and grey leather snakeskin bag made my heart skip a beat. Can't waint to share it with you!

To keep you occupied I took a few pictures of the collection that's in stores now.

Asymmetric leather jackets, sequins, tweed, do I need to say more? HELL YEAH. See that dusty-pink faux fur coat in the back? I think I need that coat in my life in order to survive...!

Now on to the outfit I wore to the event. Told you this was an image heavy post!

Ruffled dress | H&M
Oversized knit cardigan | ZARA
Wedge booties | Topshop
Faux snakeskin clutch | Primark
Belt | vintage
Nailpolish | CHANEL 491 Rose confidentiel

I just mixed all of the things I liked together.. My favorite chunky knit item, a pastel coloured dress, my new Primark clutch, and my alien-esque Topshop booties.. Love love love.

I hope I made up for the lack of posting dearies, more to come soon...