Hi dearies, so here's part one of the AIFW report!

At AIFW day 1 I visited the Roya Hesam and ZEM by Samira Algoe shows. The opinions on the shows were divided: especially Roya Hesam received both fantastic and horrible reviews. But I have to say that I thought the clothes were pretty. If you take into consideration that Roya Hesam got her bachelor degree in fashion design less than a year ago, it's quite impressive what she has accomplished already.

See for yourself!

Hesam managed to create a dreamy collection made out of sheer fabric in soft sea blue and creamy colours. The music playing during the show, the little tribal makeup details and the beautiful jewellery (me wanna!) all contributed to create this simple but beautiful world.

I especially loved Hesam's use of colour and fabric, she is well known for her inspiring combinations.

Right before the Roya Hesam show, another young designer called Samira Algoe got to show her ZEM menswear collection. A Hesam girl and ZEM boy would make a perfectly dressed couple, the colours really matched.

In contrast to Roya Hesam however, Samira Algoe showed a more Scandinavian kind of minimalism with fitted jackets and clear lines instead of loosely flowing fabric.

I especially loved the pastel colours on the models, I really hope that tailored pastel will become a mens trend! Love it.

Oh and someone please get me that tan leather duffle bag and baby blue cape.

So pretty.

Coming up: the Lotte van Keulen shows from the first evening, Velour and... SUPERTRASH..



I am exhausted. What an incredibly busy week! Not only have I been working my ass off at the hospital internship, I have also tried to attend as many Fashion Week events as possible! There are so many pictures to show, you're going to be spoiled with an excessive amount of posts dearies, haha.

But let's start at the beginning.. Day 1 of AIFW!

Photo credits: Elisah from the digitalistas and Fred N. Lovely and fashionable people ♥

Oversized knitwear // ZARA
Purple blazer // vintage
Pastel blouse // Primark
Grey shorts // ZARA
Wedges // Topshop
Turban // eBayed
Bag // vintage
Hardware bracelet // made it myself
Watches // CASIO and vintage
Golden ring // vintage

This is what I was wearing to the first day of Amsterdam International Fashion Week! I was having my personal papparazzi moment at the time this picture was taken.. There were four photographers and one camera man taking footage of what I was wearing! I am not used to that crazy fashion stuff guys.. Surrealistic!

At day 1 I attended the small shows of several designers:

- Roya Hesam
- ZEM by Samira Algoe
- Lotte van Keulen
- Elise Kim
- Ellis Biemans

The last three on the list were fresh fashion design graduates and I must say that they have impressed me! I'll be showing the pictures to you asap.

Me and my friends went for a little shoot in the underground afterwards, we had so much fun!

To be continued..

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I am too excited for words.

I know I have been away for centuries once again, but this time I had a good reason.. Or wait, I even have two!

1. Amsterdam International Fashion Week. Attended it. Loads and LOADS Of pictures to come.

But the huge changes that I made are because I felt ready for something new and more mature. So I'll try to hold back on my.. AHRRR.. CAPSLOCK.. TYPING.. URGE!

No seriously, I had been feeling like I had grown out of Stijlkind for quite a while now and I have finally taken the step. The name wasn't internationally oriented and I didn't like the sound of it at all after a while. So I came up with a name that fits the concept I want to carry out (and it sounds cool and intellectual, big plus haha.)

I already tried it out today at the Amsterdam International Fashion Week the moment people asked me about my blog: it felt great to say 'it's called concept of infinity!'

The content of the blog will basically be the same, except for the fact that I will be posting in a more structural way. If you've recently gone through the blog you might have noticed that I have been introducing some subjects that I will be updating on a weekly bases, next to the regular posts. The Wednesday Wannahave topic is a great example.

I'll be working on an extreme increase of quality AND quantity of my posts as well.

So, what do you think of the new name, fresh concept and crispy new layout? I would love to hear from you!

To make up for all the neglect I will be treating you with loads of AMFI pictures asap!

Here's a little preview of what I wore to the events. (Together with the new layout I finally have bigger pictures on the blog, huge improvement!)

See you soon dearies. MWUAH. ♥

PS Some of you might remember that I promised to do a nice giveaway.. Hee hee hee



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A short intro to yet another new thing on this blog: a weekly update on the pictures that inspire me. To get you through the next week of work and studies.. I'm on my internship for medical studies right now, and the Mondays are always the hardest... Especially whenever they start at 6.30 in the morning!

Hope I'll get the time to do something fun for the blog this week. I just watched La vita è bella for the fourth or fifth time again with my boyfriend. It's one of my favorite movies! Might get some inspiration on that.

Ciao dearies. ♥.



I fell in love with these shorts ever since I saw it on bonadrag. It's from Samantha Pleet, and the fabric has been treated like the Chinese have done it for centuries: burying china silk in mud for two months, and then dying it. This treatment gives the shorts a fascinating texture. Check out bonadrag for more.

These shorts have been chosen to be the first of a new series I came up with: Wednesday Wannahaves. I'll be picking my weekly favorites and will combine it in a collage.

Hope you like this new topic, this is one of the many changes that will occur on this blog anytime soon..

Samantha Pleet
Mud silk paper bag shorts
Chloé ruffled silk-chiffon blouse
Carven thigh highs
Viktor & Rolf laceup shearling platforms
Chanel vintage quilted leather backpack
House of Harlow key ring
Lucky Brand stone ring

Click on the collage to enlarge. I'm working on placing bigger pictures on my blog soon dearies, bear with me ♥



Officially I don't have any time to blog this week, let alone to make any decent outfit pictures. But I decided that I needed some time off from studying, and the package that came in today left me to choice but to take some pictures!

It's a new Whistles jumper woooop! I CRAVED for this jumper. It had exactly the features I was looking for - boxy yet drapey, warm and in the perfect powder nude colour. And big plus: 100% cashmere wool. Super soft! But I thought it was too expensive for a jumper, so when I found it on sale at ASOS.com I was totally exstatic. It was a pity that they didn't have my size anymore, so I decided to take a guess and order it two sizes too big..

And now I am in doubt. What should I do? Should I keep it or is it simply too much boxy? I am afraid that I am suffering from a syndrome called I-love-it-so-much-that-I-want-to-keep-it-despite-the-fact-that-it-doesn't-fit-my-body... Sounds familiar? Therefore I need your honest opinion!

Oh yeah you haven't seen these babies yet have you? I'm a chaos

Whistles cashmere jumper, Levi's curve ID jeans, ASOS heels, my favorite vintage clutch, golden necklace from my childhood, eBayed watch, antique golden ring, H&M rabbit ring