OUTFIT // Quest for a hat

SBTRKT ft Little Dragon - Wildfire

Wearing vintage wide brimmed fedora, ZARA jumper, H&M snake print maxi dress, Primark sandals

The Quest is finally over. I have spent a quarter of my life (which marks my entire Era of Becoming Aware of Fashion) looking for a hat that suits me, a hat that is stylish, on budget and - this was the crucial part - actually FITS me. Because ladies.. My head is humongous. I've been traumatized by the many times I tried on the perfect, on-trend, suits-me-great headgear at H&M.. Only to have it removed by the store manager with a crowbar.

Now, that last part isn't entirely true, but it indeed was a substantial problem that my head didn't fit into a size L hat. I tried, really - with this cute hat, also from H&M. It popped off my head every 5 minutes - not a pretty sight.

But now I have finally found the solution to master the evolutionary rules, I ignored the fact that Mother Nature didn't give me what I wanted, I ..... I will simply start wearing men's hats. Found this gorgeous vintage piece at a thrift store in Amsterdam.

The only thing I'm wondering.. Do they also have men's floppy hats?



A short film by Adeline Mai

Didn't understand a thing from this story. But that's what it's all about I guess, since it's called Mirage? Lots of inspiring images through the chaotic, almost dream-like events. Instant cool.

I've been pretty busy for you all lately, avalanche of outfit posts coming up. And something unusual this weekend.. Stay tuned.

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OUTFIT // Mustard

Flight Facilities ft. Giselle - Crave You

Wearing Primark dress, Bershka knit, Topshop heels, H&M necklace and bracelet, ZARA bag
Ph. by my sister Sabine

Don't have any writing inspiration at the moment. Feel like my sense of humour has been drained out of my brain. That's an allegory, off course - my brain is fully intact dearies. That's why I had the illuminating idea to try out this dress in store, and add a touch of mustard to my all-pastel-and-grey-and-black wardrobe.  It happens to be on-trend, but I like it because it's the perfect makes-your-blonde-hair-look-blonder colour without having to use any chemical garbage. I get that question a lot by the way - and yes, this is my natural hair colour. I inherited it from both my parents. My dad had this hilarious white blonde moustache back in the eighties.. Really really funny, but it was fashionable back in the days. His generation laughs at ours since it's cool to walk around in shoes like this (I call them dinosaur paws) and wear wigs as a bag (okay I must admit I love those as well). It's all a matter of perspective. I'm just hoping that mustard won't be laughed at within ten years, when we all wear futuristic aluminium suits or something.

(Maybe I shouldn't dramatize these allegories of mine, I'm actually pretty satisfied with this post.)

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INSPIRATION // London life

Young the Giant - Strings

Ph. by me, taken at the Real Food Market & Vintage Festival in London 

These pictures are the reasons for me to crave for a life in London. This place, these people, this vibe.. It's all just about perfect. Except for the fact that I'm over here, with an empty wallet in my leather ZARA bag. Luckily I can still say 'when I grow up ...' for a few years more before I will have to start chasing some dreams.

NOTE: I decided to pay some attention to my facebook page.. From now on, I will be posting additional pictures that didn't make the cut for a post but are still cute - I added some more London photos as we speak! Take a look here!



A short film by Stéphanie di Giusto for Vanessa Bruno, featuring Kate Bosworth. Pretty.


OUTFIT // Forgotten London

Crystal Fighters - I love London

Wearing Jane Norman top, H&M Fashion against Aids pants, Birkenstock sandals, H&M necklace, bracelets from Spain etc.

Ph. by zhe boyfriend

Some forgotten pictures from my trip to London. This is what I looked like in my attempt to dress original, comfortable and still citytrip-acceptable in practically the only weather-proof shirt and pants that were in my suitcase at the time.. I dragged all my awesome, long-sleeved striped or silk shirts and blouses and layering stuffz with me, my tight-fitting jeans, 6 pairs of socks... I don't know whoever said that the UK is rainy and cold because IT'S. A. BIG. FAT. LIE. I took all those items unworn with me to the Netherlands again. I took a leap of faith once with my longsleeve stripey shirt and damn did I regret that ha ha.

All in all, I discovered that it's okay to only have a few items with you on a holiday. Since I am a professional in the art of overpacking it was quite refreshing. It will be hard for me to try it out again deliberately though. I have been raised with the 'Do you have your coat with you? You'll get siccckkkk' remark from my mother, even when it was 30 degrees outside.. Doom scenarios would pop up if I wouldn't take my coat with me. Sweaty, sweaty childhood. (I do love you, mama.) (She actually reads my blog) Anyway, I have developed the habit to think of every possible weather condition whenever I pack my bags for a holiday ever since.

On another note, on my next trip I won't have to worry about these Issues. I'm brainstorming about going on a small trip to Stockholm with a friend and it's said to be really, really cold over there.. At least my mom won't have to worry about whether I will take my coat with me or not - that's a definite yes.


WARDROBE // Black and gold

H&M necklace and cuff, vintage golden necklace, thrifted ZARA cutout heels 
Ph. by me

Bargain Shopping is my middle name. 16,40 euros is quite a steal for two brand new jewellery pieces, a vintage necklace and a pair of ZARA heels that have only been worn once at a photoshoot.. While the latter originally costed about 120 euros in store. Gasp.

It's almost criminal, these kind of steals. And with gold as the perfect partner in crime (Get it? God I'm so hilarious..) for black this season, I'm all set for Fall in terms of accessories. I'm afraid I will have to keep the heels locked up (It doesn't stop! Rahhh) for the coming two seasons though, since I don't expect the sun to show up last-minute in these few days left of Summer..

PS. What do you think of the new layout? I did a pretty good job on the minimalism thing I was talking about earlier on amirite? Hah-hahh!! No seriously, feedback is much welcome!


OUTFIT // The profanation

Joan as Police Woman - Forever and a Year

Wearing ZARA lace dress, Primark black sandals, H&M cuffs, ZARA bag 
Ph. Sabrina

So, first post by the New Me. Since I'm still working on the new layout (while it's the most minimalistic thing ever - but that's probably the most challenging thing I could think of.. read on)  I'm hoping that this simply is a period of habituation. Soon I will be in balance with myself, my style and my blog. Carrying out a minimalistic style has been trending ever since Phoebe Philo started sending out her models on the Céline runway in 2010, and I must say that it has always sounded good to me. I mean, it must be pleasantly serene in your brain whenever you wake up in an all white room every morning. No gaudy items crying out for attention, causing your rod and cone cells to scream for some visual peace the minute you open your eyes. Your camel, white and black coloured wardrobe is smiling calmly at ya, waiting for you to pick two, three items at a maximum to wear that day. Just about perfect. No stress.

For me though, there is one problem: I AM A SUCKER for everything that is covered in lace, cute bows and I love wearing 324738247 pieces of jewellery at the same time. Not to mention that I always crave for layer over layer over layer etc. ... I just can't help it. I start out with an all black palette, and I end up stacking silver and gold jewellery on top of each other, wearing mint nail polish and red lipstick at the same time.. And in the end I ditch the cool black T-shirt for a ruffle-y pastel top instead. We're back to square one.

It's the same with this set of cuffs from H&M. It's so epically cool and sooo minimalistic, that it's been popping up at every fashion blog. Combining my pair of cuffs with a floor-sweeping dress made out of powder pink lace must be some kind of profanation. But as I said - I just can't help it.

At least this ensemble contained some minimalism considering the fact that it's just one layer.  (Being it that way because it was insanely hot at the time doesn't matter.) And the layout that's coming up will be the perfect blank canvas for my jewellery and layering indulging.


RANDOM // A small announcement

Hello dearies, it's been ages once again! What can I say, I am just a horrible thing when it comes to doing things regularly. Like following a series on TV, watering my plants, phoning my friends every once in a while, putting up blogposts on a regular basis..

This behaviour surely costs me a lot of subjects to talk about.. Whenever I yell 'Shut up about who got eliminated at Masterchef Australia this week, haven't seen the show yet rah rah RAH!!' like a crazy person, it might cause some awkward and slightly shocked silences.. I simply love that show, damnit! The lack of flower-watering probably brings me a lot of negative vegetable karma (?), and trying to donate my floral friends to the buddies I neglected by not phoning them doesn't help that much either.. 'Here, have this wonderful, erm, plant! Yes, off course it's supposed to be brown and arrid, it's a.. Desert plant!...' I think I'll buy some cacti next time.

In other words, by being the chaotic multi-tasking mess I am I cause myself a lot of problems. This blog is one of them. Luckily, it's not a threat to my social life like the phone-drama. But it surely is something I feel guilty about - I think I don't allow myself to do something I love, because I always have something to do that's more important. But, you see, the thing of life is (LIFE LESSON 1): it's short. I decided that I really need to take a step back, lower my pace and look around a bit. Enjoy the moment, enjoy the stuff I love. If I would do so, I would notice that my plants are on the edge of dying a slow and thirstful death on time. And I would take the 30 seconds it takes to give them a shot of H2O. Plants happy, me happy. And I think that it's the same with my dessicated little blog. A little bit of time and love and it will florish again, and in the end it will be worth the effort for myself as well.

Taking this into consideration, I am now busy creating a fresh new layout, I'm working on a give-away collaboration and there's a LOT OF FASHION COMING UP. LOTS LOTS LOTS! If you want to keep up to date in the meantime, follow me through my facebook or twitter. You can also check Concept of Infinity via Bloglovin' if you're curious of the newest post that's coming up!

PS. Here's a little preview on an outfit that I obviously wore while it was still hot outside (which is synonymous to a gazillion years ago, but whatever)!

See you very soon!