WARDROBE // A heavy cross to carry alone.

Couldn't find a ring like this around.
Decided to make one myself.

Sterling silver cross ring, manufactured by me.
Multiple ring, stud ring & eagle ring, my favorites.
Straw hat, H&M.


OUTFIT // My heart that you play on

Again the leather jacket. Couldn't keep it on for five minutes, it was too hot. It were some stylish five minutes, though.

Doing a little rain dance

Dress | H&M Fashion Against Aids
Belt | H&M
Leather power shoulder jacket | Supertrash
Sandals | bought in 2008 in Austria
Sunnies | random


INSPIRATION // ..On a Tuesday night.

I went out with some good friends on a Tuesday night.
the night involved slightly too much of rosé wine, cocktails, and, strangely enough, I recall to have eaten some apple pie with whipped cream, too.

I got home.
I took pictures I can't remember to have taken.

It was 2 AM. Didn't feel like going to bed.
Found inspiring pictures about cigarettes and tattoos.

Woke up with amnesia.

pictures through futuredimensions, eleasha, weheartit, mix 'n match


OUTFIT // Burning leather.

You guessed it right, it was a leather jacket from Supertrash! Silently I am really happy with the sun hiding behind the Dutch clouds.

I had lunch in Amsterdam with J., a good friend of mine, on a day that the sun was burning and kind of set my jacket on fire. It was so hot!

It was worth it though. I am in love with a jacket.
We had lunch on a restaurant with a balcony viewing the Kalverstraat.

J.: "Give me a tough biker-look!" Ahahaha.


These people gave us funny looks.


Leather power shoulder jacket | Supertrash
Trousers | Vero Moda
Shoes | Primark
Necklace | Inherited from my great-aunt
Bag | ZARA
My favorite rings | random
Tanktop | random
Sunnies | random
Watches | eBay


RANDOM // Preview.

I'm back after a HUGE lack of blogging!

and I am going to improve a few things:
- the layout, which has actually improved already. (hope you like it.)
- the photography. finally paying more attention to the pictures, heehee.
- the consistency. yay, more blogging!
- the variety. refreshing refreshing

along with this clean, fresh start I wanted to show you a sneak preview of an item that you'll be seing A LOT on this blog for the coming period of time..

curious yet?