OUTFIT // The dungeons, the dragons.

River Island military coat, ZARA diamond & horses tee, wedges and bag, H&M shorts and scarf.

indulging in music from the Midnight Juggernauts, blogging, and enjoying the buys I made while shopping with my youngest sister in Amsterdam. thanks for taking the pictures, sweetheart.


LIFE // 20.

no outfit picture today, I smeared all my clothes full of white chocolate while working on this white chocolate truffle pie. I added a touch of pure chocolate on both the pie and myself (I didn't actually do the last thing mentioned on purpose, let that be clear).

20 candles for my boyfriend! happy birthday Yap.

this weekend will be a weekend of updating my entire life! including cleaning my room, finishing art projects and, off course, finally getting up to date with you lovely bloggers!!

make it a fantastic weekend. talk to you soon.



this post contains a promise I made in December.. being consistent is not my thing, I know. anyway, I promised you to show the present my boyfriend gave me for my birthday!


I kind of died of happiness at the moment I unwrapped the box, since I wanted to buy these suede overknee boots myself at Topshop.com! they got sold out though.. but zhe boy had actually bought them already! I pulled this weird happy-sucker-face the entire night after getting these gorgeous babies.. (and no, you're NOT going to see ANY footage of that teehee)

since the weather conditions have been improving in here, you'll be seeing zhe magnifique boots more often. god I long for less rainfall. snow and rain are killing for nearly 90% of my shoes. raaaagggh.

I knotted my belt like this, which is actually an idea I stole off from a dummy I spotted in ZARA.

I was reading the Jalouse magazine issue I bought during my stay in Paris. to all the French girls out there: je jalouse tes magazines. pun intended.

Topshop suede overknees, H&M tee and velvet leggings, vintage belt, SIX necklace.


OUTFIT // Sarangheayo.

H&M TREND studded coat and dress, Primark wrap vest, Van Haren laceups, jewellery own design


a movie is not complete without good music. the sensation of a perfect combination between sound and image gives me goose bumps. I mentioned the movie that the song in this post is from before. I think I have seen it for about six times right now. and I've listened to the music for hours, hours, hours.. although the movie has a shocking plot, the music is classic and simply beautiful. the delicate tones of the Oldboy OST have inspired me to dress up in soft colours and flowy materials.

music is my inspiration.


OUTFIT // One piece.

ASOS velvet jumpsuit, New Look cream blazer, Van Haren heels, vintage necklace, belt and bag, H&M rings

promised you guys to show this stunning one-piece. the unusual fabric and shape of this jumpsuit made me love it, buy it!

it's a good thing to buy things that are far beyond your comfort zone at times. they often turn out to be so much more interesting, and they ask more of your creativity.

I had dinner, Chinese style, in this outfit. I really think I could have been Asian in a previous life... gosh love their kitchen to death!!


EVENT // I Love Fashion News contest!

despite all the sad things that happened in the past week concerning the passing of my grandpa, this week had started out like a fresh beginning. the final competition of the ILFN contest took place last Monday! and guess what.. I became third! I was so happy. I've won a 200€ River Island gift card and an eyebrow treatment at Rob Peetoom, a famous makeup artist. expect new River Island items and some beautifully shaped eyebrows soon, haha! I have already spotted some stunning pieces at River Island so I'm pretty excited..!

the preparations:

we had to walk 3 rounds. one of them was the Michael Jackson inspired round:

pictures via here, here, and here.
lol I'm so not photogenic. all the press photos were horrible. hahahahahaha OKAY DIFFERENT SUBJECT!!!

my grandpa's funeral ceremonies were beautiful. I'm proud to be his granddaughter. some special things happened during the ceremonies.. both me, my parents and my two sisters had a little spider falling down, precisely in front of us - five in total. normally I'm freaked out by spiders but this was.. different. and my dad spotted a ladybird in one of the wreaths.

while the snow was falling down outside. coincidence?


excessive joy and ultimate grief.

hi guys,

I know it's been a while since I blogged once again, but things have been.. well, quite hectic.

last week, I was the happiest girl in the world - I got into the finals of the ILOVEFASHIONNEWS contest and I couldn't be more excited! I want to thank you all so much for voting, I wouldn't have made it if it wasn't because of your votes!
this Monday I had my first fitting at River Island (all the finalists have to compose 3 outfits from clothing from River Island) and everything went fantastic.

but something terrible happened a few hours later..
we got a phonecall from a relative that my grandfather had passed away..
we'd seen it coming, but things happened so fast..

it's all for the better, since he was in a great deal of pain, physically and mentally. I like to think that he's in a better place now. full of love and caring, and without that heartrending pain. but it's still a loss of incredibly great amount..

at first I didn't want to join the contest, that I had been working so hard for, anymore. but my boyfriend eventually persuaded me to continue. he thought my grandpa wouldn't want us all to stop living because of his passing.

I'm sorry to tell you all this, but I wanted to explain why I have been so absent the past week. so now you know.

I'll try to keep blogging, because I simply love it and it takes my mind off of things. so I'll keep you updated about the contest and the things I still had to tell and show you! hope to talk to you soon.


OUTFIT // Wool and platforms

vintage sweater and floral printed bag, C&A faux leather pants, Topshop wedges, H&M cuff, Mango gunmetal ring, Rabinovich silver ring

cough cough

I'm not in a high state of healthiness at the moment.. but because of my dedication to you dear readers I went out to take some pictures nevertheless, haha!

some people might find this sweater horrible, but I love it for it's comfort and warmth, especially whenever I'm dealing with a cold like today's.
in my opinion, a comfi sweater doesn't have to be unfashionable. add some leather, comfortable wedges, a tad of jewellery and you're set to go!

I love my new wedges to death!! here's a closeup for you guys.

oh, I still haven't showed you some things yet! I've made a list of what to expect the coming few days:

1. pictures of the photoshoot I had with the two stylish guys working on their clothing label.
2. pictures of the birthday present my boyfriend gave me.
3. pictures of a new interesting item I got at ASOS
4. pictures of my birthday bash!!! I had a blast!

the last days of the competition I'm in have arrived! please vote for me by clicking on the button below!!