This year was one of the most special Christmasses (eh, plural form of Christmas?) ever. Our family's Christmas didn't start off like they sing it in the cheesy songs you hear on the radio each and every December. No, despite the fact that we are all blondies in my family, we might as well have Spanish roots.. Considering our temperament.

But no matter how much we argue, there is always a strong and unconditional love that binds us. In the end, the love we have for each other always saves the day. And we enjoyed Christmas to the fullest. Together. Because Christmas is essentially not about the amount of presents you get. It's about loving, giving, and cherishing the time you have with each other.

I spent my time wisely, accompanied by my family and boyfriend. We had a taste of the most lovely food, and we were surrounded by utterly gorgeous decorations. And yes, although it's not a fundament of Christmas, we gave and received a lot of presents. But you'll get to see enough of that in the coming days! On to the food and lights!

I hope you all had a wonderful time dearies. I would love to hear your stories. ♥



I am re-introducing something that I used to do from time to time on my blog - outfit collages made out of my favorite webshop wannahaves!

I would love to wear this on Christmas. And those Lover shorts scream for a DIY. Wish I had the time to.

Topshop jumper
Lover shorts
Acne Admire wedges
Miss Selfridge burgundy fedora
Dominic Jones claw rings
Max and Chloe stone ring
House of Harlow 1960 tribal necklace



First of all, I wanted to thank everyone for the kind wishes and messages, I will get back to every one of you when I get the time to! Thank you thank you thank you!!

Now, on to the pictures!

The first thing to do in the morning whenever it's your birthday, is to get in a festive mood with your favorite perfume and nice music, and the best breakfast you can imagine.

When I was young, I loved handing out lollipops and other candy on my big day. This year I decided to reintroduce the tradition and I baked a walnut marble cake and cute little cupcakes. I just loved the recipe of the cupcakes: espresso chocolate with coffee liquor icing on top. Thanks to the lovely Heleen who took the effort to type it out for me, after I had seen her cupcakes on her blog!

And this is what I wore on my birthday. Heels, off course. and lots of colours!
I'm going to take a closeup picture from my new H&M necklace soon, I had to have it when I spotted the last one in the store and immediately wanted to wear it on my birthday. Oh I'm so childish (but don't you just love those moments of plain immature happiness?)

Pants H&M
Silk top idk
Knitwear C&A
Wedges ZARA
Necklace H&M
Jewellery my favorites

Massive amount of presents. My friends and family are so sweet to me ♥

The highlights:
- Jewellery
- Magazines
- Makeup
- Lots of flowers
- Home made cupcakes
- Lingerie
- A new lens for my camera! It still has to come in though

And last but certainly not least.. Zhe boy gave me tickets for the biggest festival in the Netherlands! It's called Lowlands, and it sold out within 2 hours last month.. I was so disappointed when I heard about the sellout, but he secretly got his tickets in the first 15 minutes!

As a surprise, we had dinner in a cute little restaurant in a small village nearby. Yummy pasta.

My birthday ended at 4AM, in the midst of friends. And I was the most exhausted but happy girl in the world.

I am counting down the days until next year already. ♥



It's been two days already, but December 14th was my 19th birthday! I had such an amazing time that I didn't even get the time to post... Just crazy.

The night before the big day I spent my time baking a walnut marble cake and chocolate espresso cupcakes until 1 AM at night (slightly miscalculated the time it would take to make both.. Failure).
The 14th was such an amazing day that lasted until 4 in the morning - I had some friends who practically invited themselves over at my home, which was the cutest thing. I was totally worn out afterwards though, haha!
And the nightlife marathon didn't end that day, because I hit my bed this morning at half past four.. The result of a girl's night out..

So, a short summary on my life from the past three days, and an excuse for the lack of a birthday post *shame*

I have so many birthday pictures to show you, but I'll leave you with a little preview on my makeup from that day. Went for a softer look than you know me by, with earth tone lipstick and blush, and a brown smokey eye.

And what do you think of the gradient coloured nails?

More to come soon! Curious of the matching outfit yet?




Recipe of the day
You take a little black dress.
You mix it up with black tights, black shoes, a black jacket.
You add a hint of red lipstick.
Put it all together with a tad of grunge, and approximately 450 grams of lace.
Let it stir for a while.
After it has cooled down, you can take your killer look outside.

After following these instructions you should have a vampy look that is easily made, comfy, powerful, and yet super feminine.

In other words, a look you can always fall back on.

PS I got some questions about who takes my pictures. Well, it's pretty random! I use my self-timer a lot and there are a lot of sweet people around me that love to help me with my pictures: mainly my boyfriend, my little sisters, friends etc.. These pictures were actually shot by my daddy! Isn't he the sweetest?

PPS It's going to be my 19th birthday next Tuesday. Excited! Be on the lookout for my birthday outfit and more..!



Today's music by Oh Land

H&M dress
C&A knitwear from last year
River Island combat boots
H&M trend hat

My little sisters call this my jellyfish dress.

I'm sorry for the absence dearies.. I really appreciate the fact that you stick with this blog despite me being too busy to post, thank you thank you thank you. ♥

With a little bit of luck I'm going to have the time to give this blog a HUGE alteration by Christmas, so bear with me a little bit longer! You'll love it!!



fashionfever, idk, vanillascented, misspandora.

All-time favorites.

Have a nice weekend dearies.
Outfit post on Sunday, when I get the time to.




These pictures were taken in approximately 10 seconds.

Doing a quick pose on a windy Leidseplein in Amsterdam, while waiting for the tram to come.

The tram came slightly sooner than expected.. See upper right corner.

Wearing Primark leopard pants (told you I got inspired), AA tee, khaki green C&A knitwear from last year, ZARA booties, borrowed bag



I loved this song at the time it was released (now nine years ago), so I was excited to hear this lovely cover from Mads Langer.

Khaki green maxi dress, Primark. Striped shirt, H&M mens department (I think). Boots, ZARA. Leather jacket, Supertrash. Random scarf, shield ring from Primark.

I always thought khaki green was a colour for brunettes. But it actually looks pretty good on blondes as well! Like it? There's more khaki to come soon!

I've seen a lot of bloggers do it: making their own maxi skirts. It might be a necessary thing to do for me as well - I'm too tall for every confection store maxi skirt! I'm wearing this high waisted one on my hips right now.. And it's still too short. Grrrahhhhh..

The upside is that there'll might be a little DIY in store for you..
To be continued.



Classic navy coat, River Island. Grey knitted jumper, H&M. Vintage oversized men's blouse. Vintage leather waist belt. Boots, ZARA. Vintage bag. Hat, H&M. Can't remember what lipstick I was wearing, and where the hell I got the idea from to do my nails in twotone

Today's song is a classic. This version of The Cure's Close to Me dates from 1985, but it's timeless. I can listen to it daily, I don't think I'll get tired of it. And it inspires me in so many ways!

Since classic is today's word for me, I opted for classic pieces for this outfit. A navy jacket with golden buttons, a conservative knitted jumper, a vintage bag that resembles the Godmother of classic bags - the Chanel 2.55. To top it off, I added a tad of bright red lipstick and an old-fashioned hat to give it a little French twist. In other words, total overkill of classiness. Mmm, I love overkill.

Anyone who knows The Cure, knows that the word 'classic' doesn't apply in the same ways for their music, and this outfit. But I think that the esssential key word of a classic is timeless. I mentioned it before: it's interesting to mix up classics from different eras, whether it is musical inspiration or literally a mix-up of a 90s denim jacket and a 60s maxi dress.

In my opinion, time clash is going to become the next classic.