OUTFIT // Concept of Infinity for Charlotte Kan


So excited to show you this series I did in collaboration with Dutch designer Charlotte Kan!
We've come a long way until we could finally do this collab, I'd originally join her Play&Pose project during the summer edition of Amsterdam International Fashion Week but happened to be abroad at the time. So now, 6 months later, I finally got the chance to wear one of her fantastic, refreshing items!

I got to wear one of her most dynamic pieces, a thin jacket you can wear in multiple shapes by buttoning it up in various ways. Love how it's a droopy, chaotic jacket one moment and the next it's some kind of kimono. It might have been too cold for the foggy weather, but it was definitely worth the effort. Would love wearing this in warmer seasons. 

I did an interview for Charlotte Kan's blog as well - people who follow me on twitter or facebook might have noticed. I think it has become a good and honest interview, check it out here if you like!

By the way, today's song is from Gotye and it's not only a joy to listen to, but I really wanted to share the video with you too. Really fits the mood of this post. Check it out here.

Ph. my sister, Sabine 

Wearing Charlotte Kan jacket, vintage blouse, H&M high-waisted trousers, ZARA booties, H&M trend coat w/ leather sleeves, vintage jewellery


INSPIRATION // It's wooly

 Ph. Hanneli Mustaparta, The Sartorialist, Vanillascented, tumblr, Stevie Dance

So I think it's pretty obvious what my demands on the section 'knitwear' are this season.

A knitted piece's colour has got to be either dusty pink, soft mint or yellow mustard.
A knitted piece has to be furry and touchable at all times.

The sheep effect on Lindsey Wixson's dress in the last picture is optional. That's all, Santa.


OUTFIT // Simplicity in a flash.

Ph. Sabrina  

Wearing H&M blazer, vintage blouse, Levi's Curve ID jeans, Topshop pumps, ZARA bag, vintage burgundy belt 

Simple outfit in a short post. Talk to you later, have a fabulous weekend. ♥


RANDOM // Coming up ...

Busy times, ladies, busy times. As we are speaking I have just returned to my home country after a rather short but fabulous weekend in Ghent, Belgium. And now I am going to get my hair cut - which means I will say goodbye to a wowing 2 inches of my hair... Pretty damn daring, no? EDIT: just cut my hair. You will be STUNNED (insert sarcasm tag). No seriously, I really, really should be thinking about a new hairdo! Any ideas? But we're getting off-topic.

This picture shows.. my back. But it's not just my back, it's my back intensely listening to Dutch designer Charlotte Kan. We will be collaborating on her so-called Play and Pose series slash collection, in collab with several Dutch bloggers, and I'm really excited to be playing around with one of her designs.. To be continued.

If time will miraculously quadruple itself by tomorrow, I'll might be able to be posting an outfit post later on this week. Woo!



OUTFIT // Christmas tree (and giveaway winner)

Experimenting with some colour.. In other words: how not to look like a freshly set up Christmas tree in green and red - by combining it with rich fabrics and earthy tones. I don't know what kind of look I was trying on the top picture btw - it's a bit of je ne sais quoi and a bit of deer in the headlights. We're in the Christmas mood, ladies and gentlemen!

Which brings me to the next topic, it's giveaway time! Here's the winner for the la Petite Plume bracelet giveaway! Congratulations to Nikki from The Ginger Diaries, I will send you an email asap!

Wearing VILA parka, vintage burgundy blazer, H&M trend dress worn as top, vintage leather shorts, River Island boots, vintage jewellery, CASIO watch

Ph. Sabrina