de battre mon coeur c'est arrêté.

the title of a wonderful movie.

the story is about the 28-year old son of a gangster, trying to become a pianist in his last chance to say goodbye to his criminal life.

beautiful movie with a refreshing simplicity, with wonderful piano music playing the major role next to Romain Duris.

I love it.


not going to the zoo... I AM the zoo.

bought some wild stuff at the Trade Mart & world wide web. rawr.

I went to a restaurant in this eeny weeny little village with le boyf and the family. we had a delicious dinner over there. anyway, I brought my own personal zoo with me on our little trip!

octopus necklace bought on the internet | sabletooth tiger ring Spanish giftstore | sterling silver eagle ring & serpent ring Trade Mart Utrecht, department Jewels&Watches | bracelet with bangles (one with snakeskin, more zoo-ity!) Amora/Imenso

blazer vintage | powder top, black short, black clutch, scarf H&M | tights idk | flats idk |