My brain has officially been fried. ugehjfed. One day of studying to go.

All the Amsterdam students are cursing the weather right now - while the end of examination period is drawing near, the sun has chosen to just wander off to the other side of the planet. But it's a nice moment to show these pictures - could've been easily taken today.

Sadly enough I didn't take the effort to take some effin' pictures of the damn thing before I cut it up to shreds, but this waistcoat used to be a floor-tipping trenchcoat! It was hideous! But only 2 euros! I cut it! And I sewed it! Into a waistcoat! Yeaaa

It seemed like a good idea at the time (and not so much of an investment - sometimes I look at certain DIYs in horror, seeing girls cut/bleach/paint the most expensive pieces of clothings.. How do they even DARE to put a pair of scissors in a pair of jeans that's worth a month of grocery shopping?! I'd die).. But eventually it took me almost a year to finish it. It took me 3 minutes to cut off the sleeves, and a quadrillion of hours to fix up my disastrous way of cutting it up.. Anyway, here's the result. My sister affectionally told me it looked like I was going on a fishing trip.... Thanks, thanks a lot. :'(  (She is a little bit right though. But I am not going to let all my hard work go to waste and try some outfits with it!) 

Wearing DIY waistcoat, thrifted men's shirt, ye olde H&M woolen trenchcoat, PIECES Aztec print scarf, can't remember where I got the boots from. Get similiar boots (enkellaarzen) here, Ash has some good ones. 

Ph. by zhe boyfriend


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  1. Suits you very well, you look amazing!

    XO, Imke

  2. mooie outfit! en die waistcoat is superleuk geworden zo!



  3. Ik vind die waistcoat erg gaaf geworden! En oooh ik ben zo jaloers op je haar.

  4. nice! ik ben ook helemaal into waistcoats de laatste tijd!

  5. like it!

    with love,

  6. Awesome DIY! Ik zie nooit het potentieel dat sommige kledingstukken hebben =') en ik kan ook helemaal niet naaien! x

  7. nice look!

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