WARDROBE // I want nothing.

except for these wedges.


The Black Ghosts - I want nothing

Topshop wedges, H&M sweater and floral skirt

busy planning the party I'll be throwing tomorrow, in honor of my 18th birthday from last December! the pictures will surprise you.. and probably will make you laugh..

last thing: please please PLEASE vote for me at this competition!! the only thing you'll have to do is entering your e-mail address and a captcha. it takes 3 seconds! you'll be standing a chance at winning a scooter and you would make me incredibly happy!

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OUTFIT // Leather

Zara fringe tee, leather bag and suede wedges, H&M blazer and woolen scarf, vintage leather shorts, random tights and leather jacket, leather gloves borrowed from my little sister, bracelets from the shop I work in, Maybelline red lipstick

Does it offend you, yeah? - We are rockstars

I'm obsessed with my leather shorts lately. one word: versatiiiiiile. this vampy leather-on-leather-on-leather-look differs so much from the velvet-on-leather-look from last week.

I'm so tired. busy week, busier weekend! the shoot I talked about went well, gonna show you some pictures sooner or later. but for now I'm gonna sleep for a decade.


OUTFIT // floating to the edge of the world.

Zara galaxy tee, Mango wrap vest, PIECES jeggings, Limelight booties, random spike necklace, Barry M. grey nailpolish

Midnight Juggernauts - Into the galaxy

finally found the Zara galaxy tee I was lusting after. on sale. happy happy happy.

I'll be doing a testing shoot tomorrow with two fashionable guys who are busy starting their own clothing label! pretty curious of what'll come out of that.

the music player is back by the way, woohoo!


LIFE // Paris pt. III

1. the view from our room in the early morning.. I really loved the place we were staying in the morning.
2. a lantern at Champs Elysées that caught my attention. Dutch lanterns are plain grey.
3. our balcony.
4. me in front of l'Arc de Triompe..
5. ..wearing H&M trend trousers, random lace top & leather jacket, stupid flats, wet socks and a ZARA bag.
6. lovely veggie pasta for dinner with tomato and a creamy sauce.
7. my love didn't like the local food and went for chicken..
8. ..he did enjoy the crème brulée a lot. does anyone know that part of le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain in which is stated that Amélie just loves to crack the upper layer of her crème brulée? I totally know the feeling.
9. our day ended with watching Astérix et Obélix in French.. indulging in childhood memories!


OUTFIT // Velvet and leather.

vintage velvet blazer, vintage leather shorts, H&M stripy tee, ZARA wedges and bag, Rabinovitch & random jewelry

I have new leather highwaisted shorts to keep me warm. it doesn't really do the trick but I like to believe that my love for it heats me up like a flame..

I have joined a competition with this outfit! I would appreciate it so, so, so much if you'd vote for me. if I'd win, I'd be getting a trip to London, free shopping at River Island for a year and, last but not least, a blog at ilovefashionnews.com. I'd love to blog on fashion at ILFN, it's a Dutch website with all the scoops when it comes to fashion! AND, important detail, whenever you bring out your vote you stand a chance at winning a brand new scooter! woohoo!


OUTFIT // Knives out.

Zara dress and wedges, Newyorker belt, random silver jewellery

Radiohead - Knives out

I kind of reworked the collar of this suède-look dress.. thought it looked too dull, so I ripped off the covers of some old magazines and slipped them inside of the collar to make it look a tad more futuristic..

I think every piece of clothing should have a detail that makes it stand out just that tiny bit.

coming up: more pictures from Paris, and I promised to show you that thing that made me really happy. I'm going to blog on it soon soon soon..


LIFE // Paris pt II.

some of my favorite things to do in Paris:

jumping on a hotel bed, wearing a vintage velvet blazer. eating a delicious pizza lunch in an authentic Italian restaurant (with a Greek host, very Italian. loved it there.) drooling over jummy treasures made out of chocolate at a chocolatier at Rue Faubourg St. Honoré. dining in a fancy restaurant with walls covered with autographed pictures from famous (and less famous) people. looking into someones very French-looking garden from out of the hotel room window. walking past famous department store Printemps. wanting to raid the content of Rue Cambon 31... which means all the Chanel dresses and bags one could ever imagine.

PS. I am so so sorry for not replying anything lately!! I'm so busy and I have to choose between posting and commenting. but things will get better soon again, my dear readers.


LIFE // Paris pt. I.

the Louvre, with it's famous Mona Lisa and one of my favorite statues in the Louvre, the Venus de Milo.

I didn't even know that they had a statue from the Easter Island in Paris. it was very impressive.

ancient Egyptian art. I admire the craftmanship of everything the Egyptians used to make..

amazing views from Jardin des Tuileries.