I had this idea in mind for so long: a series of portraits of bloggers that I admire. I decided to start out with the face behind the very first blog I started to love. most of you must know Rumi.

hope you like it.


OUTFIT // Return.

I've been away from blogging for over two weeks.

I had some things to do in real life. too many heavy stuff has happened in the past few months, therefore I needed some kind of inner and outer detox.

I haven't felt this pure since.. forever.

H&M TREND pastel jacket, Primark dress, H&M tights, Topshop boots, vintage necklace and bag, lipstick was a gift, Essence nail polish 'late at night'

spring is starting to show. today I walked barefooted in my garden for the first time of the year. I didn't expect to get so joyful about that.

it's the little things that make life beautiful.


OUTFIT // Soft and tough.

ruffled dresses in the lightest colours of salmon pink. black leather. shredded, dotted tights. detailed bow necklaces in gold, dangling along with skull pendants. chipped light pink nail polish. girly overknee socks. in black. paired with some worker boots. cute headbands with pearls and rhinestones on them. to tame the wild hairdo. French music and French cigarettes.

I love the never ending clash between soft and tough whenever it comes to clothing.

H&M trend ruffled pastel dress, Primark military jacket from London, eBay watch and bow necklace, random overknee socks, random worker boots.


OUTFIT // Untrust us.

first things first: I now have 200 followers through google friend connect! thank you so much, everyone who's been behind my back all the time!!! I really appreciate the fact that you like reading my stuff and leave such wonderful comments. thank you thank you thank you!

Crystal Castles remind me of the nintendo 64. has anyone ever seen them live?? I want to go to their gig in Amsterdam in April, care to join anyone?

eBay silky sheer pocket tank top, Primark wrap vest and socks, H&M TREND high waisted trousers, ZARA wedges, vintage skinny belt

I went into the ZARA store over and over again.. I had fallen in love with a gorgeous pair of sand coloured wedges with laces and a fabulous collar. there were like two little mini-me's sitting on my shoulders, an angelic one and a devilish bastard..

angelic mini-me: "you already have a lot of shoes, why don't you save up some money for your driving license and your college?" *heavenly music sounding*
devilish bastard: "look at those shoes, they're so pretty!! the colour's so versatile, you don't own a colour like that in your shoe collection! it's almost spring girl!! the leather's so soft, why don't you just try them on.. bet it fits like a glove..." *devil laugh*

I bought them.

my boyfriend gave me a shoe-buying restriction for two months. I wonder if I can live up to that, hahaha. my instinct to buy every shoe I can get my hands on is immensely strong.. I blame the devilish, satisfied bastard that is sitting on my shoulder.


LIFE // I've been burning down these candleS

I crave for some summer. Corinne Bailey Rae sings my favorite songs of the warmer seasons.

ebay silk sheer pocket tank, H&M petal skirt and studded flats, Mango wrap vest, Primark bag, random leather jacket and jewellery

me, my boyfriend and his family went out for sushi at Kyoto Café, Damrak Amsterdam. I have to say I love this place! they have the freshest sashimi ever, and their sushi is totally not one-of-a-kind. definitely a place to recommend, especially whenever considering the location and the prices.. Kyoto Café has recently added an all-you-can-eat option to their menu. stuff yourself, I'd say.

tempura sushi


fence sushi

yummy scallop

green tea icecream with a touch of chocolate sauce et crêpe

I think I was looking for the incoming food or something. definitely something more interesting than the camera. ahahaha.