Just a quick post, right in time before Spring starts - I could have not foretold that these pictures would become so irrelevant to the weather in such a short time. I mean, my gloves would have sweated off my fingers if I would have worn them today (wrong rhetorical device perhaps..) But I am all the more happy about it. Bonjour, vitamin D kick! The sun is really doing me good. It gives me fresh energy for drawing near new projects, old friendships and everything that's in between. At least, if I will ever leave the house again - my study books have been keeping me chained at home for weeks now. The inspiration for writing something fun and interesting is slowly diminishing - you can tell by the medical puns creeping into my writing, wooops. Did I just say vitamin D kick? Errr? What did normal life look like again?

But no need to complain, will be seeing my favorite things within a few weeks: the dear friends that I haven't seen in months because I was all over the place being too busy (I am a terrible friend, but I do make some awesome pastries - that must be the reason that my friendsies stick with me), and I will casually pay the city of love a visit - roadtrip to Paris with another dear friend! We'll be staying at a couple's home in Montmartre which is pretty damn superb. Last time I stayed in Paris overnight I had to wrap myself in 3 scarves on our way to the hotel, since zhe blonde hairdo functioned like a red flag in the shabby neighbourhood we stayed in.. I mean, it's obviously not French, and as a tourist it's not very comfortable at night over at the Gare du Nord area. Ah well, I ended up making pretty good scarf turbans after that period..

I'm rambling again - back to the pictures. Picked up this awesome cardigan at a thrift store for 4 euros, the texture and draperies in the back are just bananas. Don't get why neither of them made it to an actual picture. And I seriously need a new pair of All Stars as you can see. These won't be surviving the next festival season. I might opt for a leather pair after I have completely worn these ones down, what do you think? Kind of digging these monochrome white leather Converse All Stars... And it's a pity that they don't sell these cute baby shoes (kinderschoenen) in my size!

Wearing thrifted cardigan, ZARA two-tone silk shirt, Levi's Curve ID, Topshop leather gloves

Ph. by my cutesy sister Sabine


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  1. jij schrijft echt leuk! Dat had ik echt niet verwacht, dat je in parijs niet met blond haar rond kunt lopen!
    En wat mooi haar heb jij!

    1. Dankjewel! Nou dat niet hoor, je kan prima rondlopen met een coupe blond.. Het is meer een kwestie van tijd en plaats! 1 uur 's nachts in een shabby stationsbuurtje met rare schreeuwende mannen is dus geen goed idee haha

  2. Mooie foto's! En veel plezier in Parijs! Ik ga ook over een paar maanden :D

  3. nice outfit.i love it cause its casual but not very simple.you look great :)

  4. Haha leuk om te lezen! En dat vestje is echt mooi!

  5. You look amazing! Love your braid. I am following you! I got a giveaway at my blog and would love you to enter! Kisses! <3<3

  6. love it. je hebt een geweldige blog.


  7. Super cool look<3

    Your Blog is so inspiring!! Would you like to follow each other?

    xoxo Dani


  8. Lovely outfit! Cool leather gloves :)



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