OUTFIT // I know we're lost

ZARA floral dress, vintage velvet navy blazer, H&M belt, ZARA bag, random flats

Sia - Soon we'll be found.

life's been busy for the past few days. it's all about buying Christmas presents.. and earning money to be able to buy Christmas presents.
in these days, it feels good at times to just throw on comfortable items that you love to death... clothes without the drama of being too see-through (lace shoulder-padded tops), too tight (bodycon skirts) or too high (heels, heels, heels..) sometimes it feels good to just screw it all, and go with some nice florals and cute flats to indulge yourself in.. while spending your entire month wages on thousands of presents.


it's quite frustrating that my MP3-player doesn't work anymore. I really liked adding some music to every post! :< does anyone know how to solve this problem?


I've got to show you something that REALLY MADE ME SO HAPPY today. image documentation coming up...


OUTFIT // It's getting cold on this island.

the snow's falling down while I'm writing this. I can see nothing but white from out of my window.

C&A batwing sweater, H&M panel skirt, Van Haren heels, SIX necklace, vintage bag.


now I'm looking for you, or anyone like you.

me and this song = complete obsession. check out the video, I really like how the images and the song come together.

H&M shirt, skirt (bought yesterday, big discount!), tights and necklace, ZARA wedges, bowler hat from France, GOSH & La Femme nail polish

I wanted to wear something a bit reminiscent of Debbie Harry. didn't really work out, therefore I just mashed it up with some floral print.
sometimes things really look good with each other while you wouldn't expect it. stripes and floral print are a good example of what I wouldn't think of as a perfect combination. but I felt really comfortable in this outfit, it worked for me. it's so refreshing to mix random items with each other at times. it takes a bit of imagination but the results are interesting.

look what I found at the post office today..

a package from Malaysia!

it contained the ring I won in the giveaway from Sher! it came with a really really cute post card!! thanks thanks thanks dear!! you all should check out her blog, she's such a sweet girl with her own style!

I think I'm going to wear my new ring to bed, it's too cute to take off. nighty nighty.


à l'occasion tu souris.

vintage MJ jacket, H&M cream top, Pieces jeggings, Van Haren studded booties

sometimes things pass you by in a second, while they should be the most important thing in life at that moment.

I don't really feel like I am going to become an official adult within 4 days.
I can't imagine myself driving a car in my first driving lesson (I think I'd hit someone within a minute) and I wouldn't have a clue who to vote on during elections (all those politicians are awful, I don't want either of them to rule my country.. why don't we have an Obama?). I am not planning on hiring spicy videos (and it's highly unlikely that I'll play in one either.. haha.) and I don't think I'll be at every 18+ party (since I already know what that feels like - no different from any other party.)

I think things won't really change. perhaps I'll vote on some of those stupid politicians, and I suspect my dad that he's going to give me some driving lessons for my birthday.. but I don't think I'll become an adult all of a sudden. I don't think I'll wake up on that Monday morning and realize that I've lost my childish characteristics. so it might be hard to deal with all the adult stuff while I don't feel like I want to grow up yet. but that's life I guess ;)

maybe I'll be lucky and won't hit anyone during my driving lessons. wish me luck!


can you see them rushing in, hate to think how long it's been.

H&M woolen trenchcoat, sweater, socks, branch necklace & oversized scarf, Bershka wetlook leggings, ZARA wedges & bag, random beanie, birdskull necklace is available soon

didn't notice up until now that I'm constantly looking down. haha. it's quite hard to walk the Dam in Amsterdam when you're on heels!

as I promised this morning, an outfit post. I've been so so so busy lately, you might have noticed that I haven't gotten back to your comments yet but I'll try to reply everyone asap!! and I will try to post more consistently. loads of outfit pics are ready to be posted and oh, some foodie pictures coming your way as well... tonight was sushi night! to be continued.... tam tam tammmmm...

by the way be sure to check out the giveaway from Glisters and Blisters!! I totally love the marble wash inVESTment piece, as Michelle from G&B calls it (adorable name haha)

oh and credit to Slanelle for giving me the hint about the H&M sweater! I'll post some better pictures of this sweater later on, I like it so much! thanks girl!


oxytoxins flowing ever into my brain.

I'm so into vintage hats since I saw the movie Lust, Caution. gonna do a post about that movie later on. I want a 30s cloche hat!

H&M origami top, PIECES jeggings, ZARA cardigan, wedges & bag, jewellery made by me, vintage hat

it's my birthday the 14th of December.

I have a modest wishlist. :>


Acne Atacomas, Emma Cook for Topshop wedges, Topshop overknee boots


Chanel jade nail polish, OPI burgundy nail polish, OPI yellow nail polish, Chanel lipstick


Rabinovitch ring, Pamela Love bracelet


Topshop tights, Paris je t'aime DVD, Inglourious Basterds DVD, Boy in striped pyjamas book, Ray Ban spectacles, and why not, Johnny Depp himself - wrapped up with a silk ribbon.

I'm not asking for much, am I?


emotive unstable you're like an unwinding cable car.

emotive unstable you're like an unwinding cable car
listening for voices, but it's the choices that make us who we are
go your own way, even seasons have changed just burn those new leaves over
so self-absorbed you've seemed to ignore the prayers that have already come about

this is the correlation of salvation and love
(don't drop your arms)
don't drop your arms, I'll guard your heart
with quiet words I'll lead you in

massive jewellery thing going on!! I just felt like stacking my entire collection of bracelets on each other.

I just made this cross bracelet. available soon!!

still experimenting with adjustments to my pictures. the twin thing again.. haha.

grey shirt - H&M
black panel skirt - H&M
black suede wedges - ZARA
jewellery - random, DIY

oh oh oh I won this gorgeous wing ring from Sher's birthday giveaway! I'm so happy, can't wait to receive it! thanks again Sher! go check out her blog you all, I really like it!

and last but not least, I didn't have the chance to post this but here we are: I received this award from Valencia! thanks darling!

I pass this on to Valerie from marley & me.

and I see now that over 30.000 people have visited my blog! thanks guys, that's such a huge number to me! :D I'm gonna eat some delicious white-chocolate-with-cherry-pie now to celebrate! bye bye


the asteroids galaxy tour.

woooow I've been gone for another week but that's because I quit my study! I'm a free girl now, woohoo!
plus some laptop drama had been going on. but most of it has been fixed now, so I've got some pictures for you here, finally!

I felt like editing the pictures a bit. it started out with a few stars here and there, and finally I went crazy on entire.. galaxies..?

even the hairdo fits the theme.
I think I just quoted the wrong galaxy-themed series in the first picture. hope I didn't offend any Star Wars / Star Trek fans..

Star Wars tee (bought oversized to make it a dress) - H&M
black batwing cardigan - stolen from my sisters closet
socks - H&M
suede wedges - ZARA
golden necklace - vintage

back to ordinary earthly looks again, the princess hairdo was a bit too much to go outside with. no modern Anakin Skywalker to fall for that, LOL! (I feel so geeky right now with my Star Wars slang hahahaha. and I didn't even see all the Star Wars films!)

talking about galaxies and such, did anyone spot this t-shirt dress in the Zara stores yet? I want it so badly!

credit: girlscene.nl

credit: ebay
and finally, I'm gonna buy this for sure. just crazy.

'Luke, I am your father.'


oh god I think it's getting too late to write anything. too much junk coming out! peace out kiddies.


de battre mon coeur c'est arrêté.

the title of a wonderful movie.

the story is about the 28-year old son of a gangster, trying to become a pianist in his last chance to say goodbye to his criminal life.

beautiful movie with a refreshing simplicity, with wonderful piano music playing the major role next to Romain Duris.

I love it.