I think I have been missing out on a lot these past days.
As some of you might know, I have been allowed to study medications in Amsterdam this year. It's made me a very happy girl - but also an exhausted student!

Everything has been extremely time-consuming.
It's hard to keep up with university, work, maintaing old and establishing new friendships among fellow students.. Not to mention my blog, I've been neglecting it so much lately, so sorry! Just know that I read every single comment I receive, I'm so thankful for all of my dear readers!

You make my day.

To make up for all the neglect, I'm going to organize a little something for you sometime soon.. We've got something to celebrate, I've reached over 300 readers! (Together with the my lovely Bloglovin' readers I'm almost hitting 400 already!!) Thank you so much for the support, every one of you!

The exposition of Inez van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin at FOAM Amsterdam (I got there just in time! Last day of the event) allowed me to have a moment of tranquillity. I enjoy watching talented people's work. And as you can see, I love doing so on heels.

Love this series of self portraits from Inez. Had to participate myself in front of the empty bed version :)

Knitted vest | ZARA
Silk tunic | H&M FAA
Slipdress | H&M
Dotted tights | Falke
Boots | ZARA, Barcelona
Bag | courtesy of Doubler le Sol
Knitted scarf | H&M
Braided bracelets & rosary necklace | market
Crystal bead bracelets | from the shop I work in
Cross bracelet | made by me
Other jewellery | H&M


OUTFIT // A day dream yet to come.

Asymmetric dress | H&M Trend
Leather belt | H&M
Leather satchel bag | ASOS.com
Wedges | ZARA
Cross ring | made by me
Jade cross pendant | bead made into a necklace, made by me

I wore this outfit to the Elite model scouting last Sunday at Amstelveen. I was there to support my younger sister. She's aspiring to be a model (and she got through the first casting!) so we'll see wat the future will bring for her.

More posts to come this week..


OUTFIT // Le Soleil Toute L'Année.

It's time to show you what last week's preview post was all about! I received a wonderful dress by the new brand Doubler le Sol! You should check out their website - it's a really inspiring concept. The website opens with a small movie, stylish! The webshop itself is a mashup of DLS products and vintage accessorizing. Really nice.
At the moment I opened the package I fell in love with the texture, print and fit of this piece of clothing. I immediately started roaming through my closet to find some inspiring combinations with the dress. It's so versatile - although you wouldn't exactly think of it as a party dress, it's so much more than a day dress.

1. Insane party
Dress | courtesy of Doubler le Sol
Jacket | H&M Trend
Elastic cage top | DIY
Wedges | Topshop

The cage top makes this dress totally party-proof!

2. Smart look
Dress worn as top | DLS
Blazer | New Look
Hareem pants | random
Moccasins | ZARA
Skinny belt | vintage
Clutch | vintage

For whenever you don't feel like wearing it as a dress, it's perfect as a top as well. Instant smart look together with the blazer and moccasins!

3. Relaxation..
Dress | DLS
Knitted cardigan | Massimo Dutti
Knee socks | H&M
Belt | H&M

And for the rainy Sundays (or in this case, a rainy Wednesday), the dress is perfect to relax in, watch a stunning movie and have hot chocolate with marshmallows.

In the end, it's not about having a closet containing hundreds of pieces of clothing. It's about the styling, and the creativity you put into your style. Make unexpected combinations and you'll find new stylish possibilities..


OUTFIT // You be my star, I'll be your sky.

Some things strangely seem to repeat themselves..

Exactly one year ago, I walked the small streets of a tiny Dutch village called De Rijp. The sundown was gorgeous.. The rays of the sun made the narrow cobblestone-covered alleys glisten in their warmth. While the sun slowly descended the sky behind the old traditional houses, I went into a cute restaurant together with the people I love. We had a wonderful night. After dinner, while leaving the cooled down streets of the little town, I couldn't have known I'd be walking there a year later.. Walking down the same cobblestone road, bathing in the beams of the sunset..

I just discovered I even brought the same bag with me, a bag I never use. It seems to be destined to accompany me to De Rijp though!

Dress | gifted by boyfriend
Blazer | ZARA
Tights | random
Suede heels | River Island
Clutch | H&M
Bow necklace | gifted
Two-finger ring | H&M


RANDOM // Sunshine in a bag.

I received a little bit of sunshine in a paper bag yesterday...
And here's a sneak preview.

Curious? Check out Doubler Le Sol for more. Full post coming soon..