I dislike that I often am too lazy to make wardrobe posts like these. Every two, three months I remember about this kind of category and decide to give it a go again - to come to the conclusion that I am horribly commercial.. More commercial than I would like to believe I am. I have collected a shitload of new stuff to show you and these items are just a humble fraction of my latest collection of fashionable needed-to-buy-its..

1. As you can see I finally got my hands on the ZARA floral blouse that every (e-v-e-r-y!) blogger seems to have as well. Seriously, that blouse hasn't been sold to a single normal person in it's entire history of existence - an army of bloggers snatched it away with their impeccable sensors for fashion musthaves, raah! Beat that, you mere mortals! I clearly have a sensor of dubious quality because it took me months to track down what seemed like the last blouse left in the entire country.. But it was on sale!  It perfectly fits my style blahblah. Happy happy happy cloud.

2. Same goes for the ZARA polka dotted blouse that I bought myself for my birthday in December along with the 3. Topshop heels I got on humongous sale, love the chunky heel.

I curse the day that I bought those 4. gorgeous patent brogues from H&M Trend, they are awkward and pretty at the same time - and surprisingly enough a pain to walk in. Will have to work on that (2 inches thick foam protectors for my fragile feet perhaps?)

5. Got my very first pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses from zhe boyfriend for my birthday! The content of the little box will remain a mystery for some time.. I got the 6. bracelet at H&M last week and it's become a classic staple already. Love it.

7. And last but not least.. This thrifted (3,-!) blouse in a perfect tone of  'barely there light grey' will serve as a victim for a DIY that is yet to be determined.. Have several ideas in mind. More on that soon.

Later ♥

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  1. " Beat that, you mere mortals!" hahah super grappig xD
    Erg leuke aankoopjes! Die polkadotblouse wil ik ook wel hebben.. hmm misschien toch maar een bezoekje richting de zara wagen deze week ;)

  2. die brogues heb ik ook, haha! vind de polkadot rok en de zara blouse ook erg leuk!

  3. beautiful pieces and photos!


  4. love that floral top and your brogues. great finds :) xo

  5. leuke aankopen! zeker die broques en de polkadot blouse!

  6. super leuke brogues!!

  7. die H&M loafers zijn echt mooi, jammer dat ze niet lekker zitten.

  8. I am in love with all the shoes in this post! I'm now following you on Bloglovin'! :)

    Step into Estherina's World

  9. Loooove those shoes! <3

    Xoxo Whitney

  10. Super leuke aankopen vooral de schoenen en polka dot blouse!
    Follow je nu!

  11. Geweldige aankopen! Ik volg je nu :)
    xoxo, Laura

  12. Oh de gestippelde zara blouse! me likey ;-)


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