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Sooo, here is my first post after my break. I thought I had to put back some colour into zhe blog after all the sad things and mindfulness - I am not really suited for the job of a mental coach and such.. The llama sporting a trendy tangerine scarf put a gracious smile* to my face and reminded me of some photos with orange details that still awaited publication. So here you go!

Life's still hard and such but I think I should have gotten a little bit more experienced by now - haven't I learned anything from our beloved friends over at As the World Turns, Oprah and, for Llama's sake, Glee!? No seriously, those shows really aren't my cup of tea but I guess that there's a moral of the story in all of them - they're all American shows after all - and here it is: life will never be easy. It may have its glorious moments, but no one will ever pass through life without having suffered some bumps in the road. But what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. I got those sayings from yet an American movie, by the way. This one is actually copywrited by me: the fact that life has it's bumps in the road doesn't mean that it's not worth living.

I have promised myself to appreciate the beautiful little things in life again - and today it was all about the colour orange. My new zen-ish approach at life, to be continued..

* Actually I hysterically grinned in that ugly way you only do whenever you're alone - aka the Gnarly Grin. Not an image I am willing to share with you. So for your own sake I decided to adopt elegant phrases like 'it put a Prodent-ad-worthy smile to my face' and 'my heart skipped an elegant little beat'. Every blogger seems to use these two phrases to express their enthusiasm about something. I guess that blogging involves smiling permanently at the computer screen - and having chronic heart arrythmias. Hah! I'm glad I haven't lost my cynism during my break!

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  1. oranje is een mooie kleur!! Je ziet er mooi uit chick

    Travel in Style

  2. this is amazing post!!! I love it!!!! and great photos ♥

  3. Wat een héérlijke post, superleuke outfits en héél erg fijne foto's.
    Blij dat je terug bent!

  4. wat een fijne inspiratie! En goed dat je terug bent :-)


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