Dear readers,

Although I promised you a big new refreshment of this website, a few things caused a delay last week. First off I was dealing with huge technical issues that resulted in unaccessibility to my website. It's fixed now (which is the reason why you are able to read this in the first place).
But this weekend something of huge proportions happened to a dear friend, she has gone through a terrible loss a few days ago and she's been on my mind a lot ever since. She knows it's about her the minute she reads this, and she knows that I'll be there for her.

The side effect has been that I haven't been much online these days. I'm rethinking a lot of things - I've been thinking about the fragility of human life, the importance of certain things and people in my own life. I came to the conclusion that I should be so much more thankful for everything in my daily life that I sometimes tend to take for granted - just like everyone does from time to time. The wonderful people like my parents and sisters, my boyfriend, my friends. The more trivial stupid things like my recently decorated room that feels like the perfect home right now. The book that I've been reading that has given me so many new insights. The blouse that I had been craving for ages, bought on sale.
Really taking the time to enjoy the things that make life worth it has been becoming more and more difficult in the fast and hectic life that we are expected to live, but the minute something heart-ripping happens it pulls you back in to reality to remind you of what's important.

It's a reminder to me that I should cherish everything I love. Some things end sooner than you wish for, how unjust that might seem. Reality can be the cruellest, and we'd better get used to that. Go give your parents a hug after reading this, take a minute to open the window and breathe in the cold winter air. Go out and feel alive & loving.. If only for a second. Because the moment you lose something, you will be left with memories and memories only - and it's best to collect as much as possible throughout time.

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  1. Mooi geschreven. Sterkte aan je vriendin!

  2. we don't know what we got til it's gone. just cherish what we have right now :)


  3. Leuke blog heb je!!
    Elkaar volgen? xxxxxxxxx

  4. Dankje om me hieraan te herinneren, ik vergeet het zelf te makkelijk.


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