STYLE IN SKETCHES // Iekeliene Stange

Made a new painting last night.. First time in years that I used traditional water colour paint in a sketch! Anyway, it's a portrait of the wonderful Dutch model Iekeliene Stange, wrapped up in a.. Well, it's a sleeping bag. It's the opening picture of an editorial from the Dutch Avant Garde called 'The New Nomad' - featuring puffy sleeping gear as dresses.

I still decided to put this erm, interesting sleeping bag outfit in the Style in Sketches section, because it would be typically Stange for her to dress up in such an original way in real life. Maybe I'll create an inspiration post evolving around her personal style, because her way of dressing would definitely deserve that. I hardly ever see her show up on blogs but she has a unique sense of fashion.

I used regular 4H to 6B graphite pencils for the sketch, outlined it with black POSCA acrylic markers and painted the whole thing with water colour paint. Finished off the highlights with a white POSCA acrylic fine liner.

More Style in Sketches to come!

13 opmerkingen:

  1. WOW GORGEOUS!! You are so talented & I can't wait to see more :)

  2. HOEDAN?!
    Dat is zoooo mooi! Wish I could do that too.

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  4. love your painting
    so good
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  5. Oh I just stumbled upon your blog!! I love it. I also draw and paint, so this is very interesting + you are gorgeous and have nice taste.


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