OUTFIT // Sexy back & summer tears

Little Dragon - Summertearz

Wearing French Connection breton sweater, H&M skirt, belt and shoes, River Island coat, vintage men's hat

These pictures aren't the best of quality, but I still wanted to show you. Because this is probably the last time that I will be wearing this brand-new sweater out like it's supposed to be this year - with a bare back for that POW effect when you turn your back around.

That's why today's song is called Summertearz - I think I haven't gotten the best out of last season. I mean, I should have been wandering around in - and this is something I recently got out of an interview - what Michael Kors would call ovary length (in other words: SHORT) skirts and shorts while I still had the chance! Not that the weather has been this muy fantastico last Summer.. But now that my legs will freeze off the minute I even try to step out in those previously mentioned shorty items, I kind of regret not having gone through that slight bit of cold from the past months. My extremities are lacking sun (and so is my back since I got this shirt - it really wanted to get out of it's usual covered-ness all of a sudden D: )

Fall hasn't given me that Fall-ish feeling of wooly satisfaction yet - it has left me in a state of dissatisfaction about having to dress up in those itchy sweaters. Sadly enough, our Dutch Autumns aren't like the American kind. Those gorgeous and weird shorts-with-ankle-boots-and-a-thick-sweater outfits just. Don't. Work. Here.Which is booo.

Maybe my first hot chocolate with whipped cream of the season will help me get in the mood. And while I'm at it slurping down some calories, you shouldn't forget to join the small giveaway I'm hosting. You have until next Sunday!

See you in a few days. ♥

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  1. Yes, really nice outfit :)


  2. love IT!

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  3. Fantastic outfit! I just love the back of that top!

  4. Mmm hot chocolate! That shirt is so cool - love the unexpected back!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  5. Ziet er prachtig uit meid xx


  6. Cuuute. I love that sweater. The whole outfit is very chic.

  7. you look fantastic! love the hat and that coat :)



  8. fantastic post!!!;D


  9. Fijn trui'tje! En ik wou dat meer meisjes hoeden droegen, ik vind het er altijd zo leuk uitzien..


hoi ♥