OUTFIT // The burgundy suit

Wearing vintage burgundy blazer, ZARA blouse, jeans from my boyfriends old closet, Primark flats, ZARA bag, H&M necklace, vintage jewellery, DIY branch bracelets

Ph. by zhe boyfriend

Wore this outfit to a dinner night out with zhe boy last month. I was on the hunt for a burgundy coloured pair of jeans/trousers for a while.. It had to match perfectly with the jacket in order to give that ultimate Suit Illusion. But after months of fruitless searching, I suddenly realized that the perfect jeans had been laying under my bloody nose all the time..

I bought this pair of jeans for zhe boyfriend, back in 2008 when it was still really cool for guys to wear coloured skinny jeans.. Don't get me wrong, I have a weak spot for men in coloured trousers, but this stuff is SO. SKIN. TIGHT. I have come to realize why he never wore it (apart from the fact that he thought it was too gay... Which I don't consider to be a bad thing because my all of my gay friends are really stylish. Anyway, couldn't get that into his mind). I think we were still in that early stage of a relationship in which you can only say 'thank you! It's fantastic, it's great, oh my god it's too sweet of you!!!!' when your girlfriend slash boyfriend gives you a present - although you silently think 'damnit am I supposed to wear that?!' Sounds familiar?

Anyway, back to this particular post. Saw a really cute DIY on making yourself a bracelet out of a few twigs at a Pair and a Spare and decided to give it a try. Lovely idea but I think I did something fundamentally wrong on the gold painting job because the paint coming off within a few hours of wearing.. Ah well, I guess that's my fault. Still need to show you my epically failed paint-an-ugly-purple-chandelier-in-a-minimalistic-white-hue project. Erm, on second thought, not gonna show you haha.

Hardcore food porn to come your way, we had the most delicious dinner evahhrrr. But for now I'll need to get back to studying, much love. ♥

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  1. wow this outfit is just wonderful <3

  2. wauw wauw wauw heeel mooi!

  3. Heel mooi! En die takjes armbanden moet ik ook dringend eens proberen :)

  4. you look lovely with burgundy :)


  5. gorgeous!! that colour looks amazing on you.

  6. I think this is one of my favorite looks, really nice!

  7. This is absolutely amazing! First, I love your photos. Also your suit is awesome. I love the classic cut, but the color just gives it a really cool twist. Lovely!


  8. Een prachtige outfit, burgundy staat je super goed!


  9. This is a great outfit!! Love the color, one of my favorites. Thank u so much for your support on my work! Makes me very happy:)

  10. wow I love the colors!! :)
    And you are simply beautiful!!

  11. Never saw anyone who looks better in this color!!!

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  12. So gorgeous! <3 I am obsessive about suits, and the deep burgundy colour goes perfectly with your platinum hair!

    Lost in the Haze

  13. thank you so muchh for a lovely comment:)
    perfect blog, I join followers!:)

  14. Mooie broek! Al kan ik niet geloven dat je vriend daarin paste! Nouja, mooi meegenomen nietwaar, heb je hem toentertijd in ieder geval niet voor niets gekocht ;) en hij staat je prachtig!

  15. Ik ben je meteen op gaan zoeken toen ik thuis was, want had je blognaam nog in mijn hoofd ;)
    Leuk! Ik ga je volgen :)

    Prachtige outfit trouwens!

    X Sietske

  16. wat prachtig! Burgundy staat je heel erg mooi :) en je tas is gorgeous ;)

    x magasin88.blogspot.com


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