emotive unstable you're like an unwinding cable car.

emotive unstable you're like an unwinding cable car
listening for voices, but it's the choices that make us who we are
go your own way, even seasons have changed just burn those new leaves over
so self-absorbed you've seemed to ignore the prayers that have already come about

this is the correlation of salvation and love
(don't drop your arms)
don't drop your arms, I'll guard your heart
with quiet words I'll lead you in

massive jewellery thing going on!! I just felt like stacking my entire collection of bracelets on each other.

I just made this cross bracelet. available soon!!

still experimenting with adjustments to my pictures. the twin thing again.. haha.

grey shirt - H&M
black panel skirt - H&M
black suede wedges - ZARA
jewellery - random, DIY

oh oh oh I won this gorgeous wing ring from Sher's birthday giveaway! I'm so happy, can't wait to receive it! thanks again Sher! go check out her blog you all, I really like it!

and last but not least, I didn't have the chance to post this but here we are: I received this award from Valencia! thanks darling!

I pass this on to Valerie from marley & me.

and I see now that over 30.000 people have visited my blog! thanks guys, that's such a huge number to me! :D I'm gonna eat some delicious white-chocolate-with-cherry-pie now to celebrate! bye bye

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  1. Kind, wat zie je er toch weer prachtig uit!
    Je sieraden zijn echt ZOOOOOO mooi!!!
    Kom eens op met die webshop van je! Haha! =]

  2. Die ring is echt heeel cute <3 en je haar is geweldig!

  3. Love all the bracelets together. Nice blog!


  4. Anberlin!! je muzieksmaak doet me keer op keer versteld staan ^^ fijn ook dat je outfit op zich zo simpel is, maar dan maak je het toch weer helemaal je eigen door die overdosis aan armbanden. Niiice.

  5. Al die armbanden *drool*. En die ring is echt geweldig!!
    En ik denk dat ik dan geluk heb met die lipglossen, er was nog een roze (die ik nam) en een rode. Zat nog te denken dat ik de ander ook moest kopen maar zo vaak draag ik het toch niet :P

  6. Oh wow I love your jewelry collection so much!! They're fantastic!! The cross bracelet is amazing:)

    One more thing sweetie, you said you emailed me but strangely I have not received your address. Really weird. Do you mind resending it again?? So so sorry!!! Hope I get it this time!


  7. Loving this jewelry overload, especially with your great basics outfit, its like simple chic!

  8. Oh I like the bracelets! The cross one it so pretty! Love your nail colour too! What brand/shade is it?

    Thank you for the comment! I'm so glad you enjoyed that post!


  9. Love your blog! xxx
    Thanks for the comment xx
    Following you! xxx



  10. hahah its good to be back ;)
    your collection of jewerlleries are incredible!!
    the silver piled on silver looks intensely cool

    xx. willow

  11. let me know when the bracelets become available. its so pretty!!!

  12. Hey, I sent you an email! I hope you received it and can reply to me there!! I'm so worried that you didn't though!!

    Otherwise you could leave it in the comment on my blog and I'll delete it once I read it? I'm not sure what to do!


  13. Oh, so gorgeous. I love the layers and layers of beautiful jewelry!!


  14. Love this look...love the jewelry. xo ava

  15. This is a simple chic outfit but its the best one that I LOVE !!! Because you're so beautiful and that I love love the overload of all those accessories:)

    The rings,the studs and those nails! I LOVE everything now. The cross bracelet I want it too:) Ohhhh I can't wait for everything to be up in your store.

    Adore your editing of photos these few posts. Ohhh yeahhh,I'll email you soon on my photos and you can help me fill it in with the galaxy background. heeee Thanks so much gorgeous.

    Congrats on winning the giveaway,I saw that you've won and I was so happy for you:)I think the magazine you can find it at your side,have to keep looking!
    Nooooo,I've still haven't gone to watch a movie. Darn it! ahahaha What are the other movies you've watched now ?

    big hugsssssss

  16. Lovely !

  17. You have the most beautiful jewelry collection. You've worn the stacked jewelry look perfectly. And i love the cross bracelet, can't believe it's a DIY! Good job.

  18. Love the jewelry!

  19. Hey darling,

    I was having a bad day... and I was browsing blogs and looking through times, completely giving up on leaving comments and I was like... wow... she just gave me an award. Thank you. You are super beautiful... never doubt that. Never let people make you feel bad. that cross bracelet is beautiful.. too bad I can't wear crosses!

    have a nice week.

    love, val

  20. Moet je zeker doen! ;)
    Wauw, mooie ring <3

  21. omg i love every single piece of your accessory! can i have them all :D just kd. great collection though :)

  22. Ah, al die armbanden zo! geweldig.

  23. I love your piled on bracelets! And congrats on the win. : )

  24. Ziet er echt heel leuk uit met al die armbanden bij elkaar!
    en wat een supertoffe ring die je gewonnen hebt, proficiat!

  25. really love all your accessories especially that claw ring :D


  26. i love how the shoes blend with the leggings

  27. hiya ... thank you so much for your very lovely words ;) all the jewelries are soooo perfect together .. just love it!!!

    see you around often, xx

  28. Hi Ilse! Just came across your blog from Valerie's. I love the effects you do to your images. They are awesome especially that galaxy thingy. And I love your style of dressing.

    Those bracelets are awesome. I love your cross bracelet.

  29. Hele leuke ring! En je hebt zoveel mooie armbanden! Ik heb er echt bijna geen enkele, ik heb hele smalle polsen en ik vind eigenlijk nooit armbanden die mooi staan. Ik heb je juweeltje gekregen trouwens! Heel erg bedankt, ik vind het echt heel mooi!

  30. Waaauw mooi gecombineerd zoveel sieraden met een 'simpele' trui! Echt heel tof :)

    totally in love with all the pillings !

    and congrats on the award too ..

    thanks for your comment at my blog :D
    i loveddd this postt !
    enter my scarf giveaway handmade by myself here

    im following ur blog by the way .
    hope u follow me back .

  32. cannot go wrong with piles and piles of jewelry - yours look so rad

  33. Stunning bracelets and rings. I'm so jealous. x

  34. your ring is amazing ! love it !
    where he come from ?
    i want the same !!!

  35. Gosh I love your collection of jewellery. Mine's like so measly, its pathetic haha! I so need to build it up....

  36. Just randomly stumbled across your blog - its gorgeous! You have such a cool, fun style! That WHOLE outfit is awesome! I love the gothic bracelets and such too, so so cool!

    So - Great blog, i love it, i'll deffo be coming back =) Follow you^^

    Panda xx

  37. i love the unwinding cable car by anberlin! they're an awesome band:) congrats on winning the angel ring! i love, love that ring! u made the cross bracelet??! loving that, too!:D


  38. WOW! I love your style. And all those bracelets you wore? Looks really, really good.



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