oxytoxins flowing ever into my brain.

I'm so into vintage hats since I saw the movie Lust, Caution. gonna do a post about that movie later on. I want a 30s cloche hat!

H&M origami top, PIECES jeggings, ZARA cardigan, wedges & bag, jewellery made by me, vintage hat

it's my birthday the 14th of December.

I have a modest wishlist. :>


Acne Atacomas, Emma Cook for Topshop wedges, Topshop overknee boots


Chanel jade nail polish, OPI burgundy nail polish, OPI yellow nail polish, Chanel lipstick


Rabinovitch ring, Pamela Love bracelet


Topshop tights, Paris je t'aime DVD, Inglourious Basterds DVD, Boy in striped pyjamas book, Ray Ban spectacles, and why not, Johnny Depp himself - wrapped up with a silk ribbon.

I'm not asking for much, am I?

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  1. Wat een mooie kleurtjes nagellak & die laarzen zien er ook very beautifull uit! Nu maar hopen dat Johhny een presentje meebrengt ;)

  2. Love your outfit- and those shoes are AMAZING. :) xxx Camilla


  3. lust, caution is such a beautiful movie about lvoe and betray! the cinematography and wardrobe is painfully romantic! it made me missing cheongsam! btw: if you have watched yet, i think you will enjoy drew barrymore's new staring role in Grey Garden!

    love the outfit and very nice list ;-) xx

  4. die overknees zijn echt geweldigggg

  5. I love your list! The shoes are so fab and chic! Every girl needs nail polish!

  6. Your hat is gorgeous!


  7. Advance happy birthday... hope you get all your wishes.

  8. Meid, wat een geweldige lijst vooral de shoes! Geef me die Acne wedges, damnnn.. Ik zou de laarzen gewoon nu bestellen want:

    a. Je weet niet zeker of de laarzen in de sale komen.
    b. Je weet niet wanneer de sale begint.

    Ik heb hetzelfde met de Aggie boots, het zijn beide populaire laarsjes die niet alleen in de winter kunnen dus mss komen ze wel helemaal niet in de uitverkoop.. Ik ga ze iig bestellen na mijn verjaardag, cashennnn! ;)

  9. Die schoenen van Acne zijn echt geweldig mooi!

  10. love ur wishlist! hope ur bday wishes come true!:D i've been wanting to see lust, caution. heard it was quite good, but also intense. i'm a big fan of lee hom:D ack, the chanel jade nail polish is also on my wish list. such a gorgeous color! happy early bday!:)


  11. Hi dear thank you so much for your lovely comment :) And wow your birthday is near ! I love birthdays . Haha . Btw I love what you wore . Nice hat and shoes . And love the shoes in the wish list ! x) Have a nice weekend !

  12. wow, really cool list. i like the nerd glasses ;-)

  13. oh ik er hou er zo van dat je altijd een muziekje bij je posts zet, maakt alles meteen een pak persoonlijker! heb je toevallig een last.fm? je muzieksmaakt lijkt wel wat op de mijne, denk ik :)
    die chanel nagellak is echt fantastisch he? zelf heb ik de '167 ballerina' tint, die s heel subtiel en meisjesachtig, handig om m'n wat stoerdere outfits een lief accentje te geven! hoe oud word je de 14e?

    kus x

  14. your outfit is really, really cute. i love the hat your wearing...(got a small think for vintage hats myself!)

    i've never heard of the movie, is it a new one? i got real into cloches last year around the time Changeling with Angelina Jolie was released. i never saw it, just the photos of her in her cute cloche and i've wanted one ever since.

  15. kan me heeeel goed inleven in die wishlist, haha :)

  16. Your hat goes with your outfit perfectly! And I love Paris Je T'aime! Too bad New York I Love You wasn't nearly as memorable as Paris.

  17. die nagellak van chanel wil ik ook heel graag, het is echt een hele mooie kleur

  18. Your beanie is so cute! I think I need everything on your wishlist too.

  19. i cant choose which one i like the most at all ! hahahaha .
    firstly, i love ur hat and bag very much .

    then i love the first boots .
    then i love the green mint nail polish . haha

    thanks for your comment at my giveaway post

    visit / follow / and comment me .
    xoxo . Glisters & Blisters

  20. I'm also been slowly loving vintage hats too now. heeee you look so gorgeous with your vintage hats and those leggings are really gorgeous too!! Ohhhhh you know your Zara bag here,I've been trying to find that around here. Nowhere to be found:(

    Awwww,and your birthday is coming soon!!! Happy birthday in advance.Ohhhh I actually got another really close nail polish from a store here,almost exactly same to the Chanel jade one. So do you want me to get one for you ? And let me know on your color name for your OPIs you wanted.
    I'll get you one too,as your birthday present! Not bad yea ? I'm serious not kidding! heeee

    Yeaa,I got my rosaries from Yuka! And if you need any,you can just let me know and I can get them for you:)Have a great weekend too,this weekend is to keep up with everyone's blog. I'm lagging behind due to being busy at work past 2 days. heeee
    we need to sit down and take a break!

    big hugsssss<3

  21. I love your outfit, great hat! I love your wish list too!

  22. Die overknee boots zou ik ook wel willen hebben! Prachtig!
    Ook die nagellakjes! Ik hoop dat je iets van je verlangslijst krijgt!
    X, fashionnerdic

  23. Ive always wanted to read the boy in the striped pajamas!

  24. I loove your wishlist! I loove the first shoes! cool! and boy in the striped pajamas is a great book! can't stop crying while reading it. hope you have a great birthday!

  25. I LOVE your hat and the shoes on your wishlist are amaaaazing, especially the Cooks.

  26. I tell you, the chanel lipstick is GORGEOUS! I own lots of them you should really try it :)
    & I love the overknee boots! stunnin

  27. Grappig, ik heb die gele OPI nagellak + mintgroene (van essie, niet van chanel =')) gekregen met sinterklaas :D
    De rest is ook erg nice.

  28. he, je bent een dag na mij jarig! haha, irritant he om zo dicht na sinterklaas jarig te zijn? vind ik wel iig. mooie verlanglijst :) en een geweldig hoedje! xoxo

  29. I'm adoring your hat! I so want a cloche too! I have a pair of Ray Ban glasses kinda like those, they are prescription though, they are really fun to wear!


  30. Cute hat! Vintage ones are the best.

  31. Those wedges are SWEET! I totally want them too.

  32. Adorable hat! ah, I would love to see Paris je t'aime.


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