de battre mon coeur c'est arrêté.

the title of a wonderful movie.

the story is about the 28-year old son of a gangster, trying to become a pianist in his last chance to say goodbye to his criminal life.

beautiful movie with a refreshing simplicity, with wonderful piano music playing the major role next to Romain Duris.

I love it.

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  1. Ik heb deze film een hele tijd terug eens geleend uit de bib, maar het is er toen niet van gekomen om hem te kijken, MAAR toevallig komt hij vanavond op tv! Goed dat je dit post want dat was ik al vergeten haha, ik ga vanavond zeker kijken!

  2. What a goof storyline ! I'll have to catch this one sometime :)

    Is it in English ?? Whichever the case,I'll be watching it <3

  3. oooo sounds like an interesting drama! what language is it in??? Do you know of an english version?


  4. Wwo, that sounds amazing. I'll have to add to my lovefilm list :)

  5. Valencia & Lia, it's a French spoken movie but I guess that subbed versions in your own language should be around somewhere.. :>


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