the asteroids galaxy tour.

woooow I've been gone for another week but that's because I quit my study! I'm a free girl now, woohoo!
plus some laptop drama had been going on. but most of it has been fixed now, so I've got some pictures for you here, finally!

I felt like editing the pictures a bit. it started out with a few stars here and there, and finally I went crazy on entire.. galaxies..?

even the hairdo fits the theme.
I think I just quoted the wrong galaxy-themed series in the first picture. hope I didn't offend any Star Wars / Star Trek fans..

Star Wars tee (bought oversized to make it a dress) - H&M
black batwing cardigan - stolen from my sisters closet
socks - H&M
suede wedges - ZARA
golden necklace - vintage

back to ordinary earthly looks again, the princess hairdo was a bit too much to go outside with. no modern Anakin Skywalker to fall for that, LOL! (I feel so geeky right now with my Star Wars slang hahahaha. and I didn't even see all the Star Wars films!)

talking about galaxies and such, did anyone spot this t-shirt dress in the Zara stores yet? I want it so badly!

credit: girlscene.nl

credit: ebay
and finally, I'm gonna buy this for sure. just crazy.

'Luke, I am your father.'


oh god I think it's getting too late to write anything. too much junk coming out! peace out kiddies.

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  1. Omg that's so funny! I actually went to a Star Trek exhibit recently :)

    And YES I'm psychbio! I don't think it's relatively new here. I like it so far.

    Nope, no shoes from Aldo yet! It's crazy! Now that I work there-I don't buy shoes! LOL.


  2. ahhh! that ring is awesome! LOVE the shirt too

  3. Your dress is wonderful!


  4. i love star wars! thanks for the notice on that zara tee, the sci-fi geek in me will definitely be on the lookout for that.

  5. Hahaha! Leuke post! Ik ben vroeger een keer naar een Star Wars premiere geweest als klein kind en heb de hele film door geslapen whaha! =P

    Wat een super mooie outfit ook weer meis! Die sterrentee is super! Ik heb zelf ook een sterrentee van ZARA maar dat is een grijze see thru met kleine witte sterretjes erop! Heb jij toevallig die laarsjes die het model daar aan heeft al gezien in de winkel? =]

  6. Aah the asteroids galaxy tour is zo leuk! Ze komen 2 december in Utrecht, ik wil erheen, maar ik ga niet want ik heb geen geld, hahaha.

  7. Je haar zit echt superleuk in de 1e foto's :) En die t-shirt dress ziet er echt heel nice uit, ga denk ik ook een keer ff kijken :)

  8. heeeelemaal verliefd op je shirt, echt een leuke post weer, zijn heerlijk om te lezen! "Luke, i am your father" LMAO. Ik laat je weten waar ik heen verhuis!

  9. I love this. I love the whole galaxy theme!
    I love the shirt so much. Cute!

  10. LOVE THIS POST! I am a huge Star Wars fan and I love that galaxy top and ring.

  11. Ilse !!Girl,I've missed you a whole lot :) Wooohoooo,and you quit your studies ?? Yeahhh,I mean so what are you going to do next?

    I adore adore the galaxy editing,Ohhh I wanna add those to my photos too! How did you do that ?
    Love how you did your hair too,so adorable! I want want that teeeee:D Perfect with your socks and shoesss too!
    I saw that shirt dress from Zara too,but didn't see it here though. Ahhhhhhh

    big hugsssss

  12. Haha, tof! Ik heb nog geen enkele star wars film gezien! Overlaatst wel een stukje van een van de eersten, dat heeft mij wel een beetje nieuwsgierig gemaakt eigenlijk.

  13. I adore what you have done with your pics!!!Luv ur outfit too!! : ) xx

  14. Haha leuk man dat bewerkte.
    ook toepasselijk bij je outfit;)!
    Was het dat al...
    nee.. ik moest nog wat melden!
    Oh ja! Ik vind je haren echt het einde.

  15. Die luisterde ik eergisteren nog, gweldig nummer. Nice look btw :D

  16. the color of blond hair is just so amazing! i am not a fan of star was - but i surely like the combination of editing of stars and the print on the tee ... xx

  17. I love your outfit..and your hair is beautfiul.

  18. I love your outfit and the photo effects are so cool!! Very spacey!!

    I want that Darth ring.


  19. whahahahah, jij bent "one crazy but extremely stylish lady' I adore the stars..magisch meid! en natuurlijk is je tee fab!

    Ik wilde je nog even bedanken voor je comment op mn blog, je hebt me werkelijk laten blozen, heel erg lief! keep in touch!


  20. :D These pictures are real fun!
    I'll follow you :)

  21. Hee! Wat ontzettend lief dat je een paar laarzen voor me achteruit hebt laten zetten! :D Maar ik heb dus de blauwe die ik graag wilde al ;) Ik heb nog even zitten twijfelen over de zwarte, aangezien ik die ook wel heel erg tof vind! Maar doe het toch maar niet. (heb ook al 392882 paar laarzen :P) Toch heel erg bedankt dat je om me gedacht hebt! ;) Super!

    wat heb je dat shirt ontzettend leuk gecombineerd! Ik zag hem ook hangen bij de H&M, toen vond ik hem niet zo. Maar nu je hem aanhebt vind ik m wel heel tof! :)

  22. wow! i love your shirt!!
    great blog.

  23. leuke post! <3 aesteroid galaxy tour!!

  24. OH my goodness, I love your pics and your galxaxy outfit!! It looks super cool with your rad editing and your interpretation of princess Leia's hair!! You're so cute, you gotta watch Star Wars!!

    And the shirt in Zara is beautiful, I want it so much too!

    P.s. thanks for linking me up, will add you to my blog roll asap:)

  25. Super cute outfit! The Luck I'm your father part had me laughing for a while!


  26. Oh, i've always wanted to edit my pictures like that! And you've got such beautiful hair :)

  27. Re:Ahahaha you know what ? I may have an extra pair of the pants !
    Because my mom actually hav quite a few in them in a few sizes,so I'll go check and if its still around,I'll send it to you!
    I'm serious tooo:)heeeeee

    I haven't gone to the movies of yet,my boyfriend says its more expensive to watch during weekends. So maybe this coming weekday. ahahaha
    and I'm dying to watch New Moonnnnnn!!Have you watched it yet?

    we could maybe do a swap next time around too. And on the headband,awwwww. No worries about it,I'll just wait. heeee
    I too only go to one post office everytime I send out packages. I don't switch:)
    They will arrive really fast I just know it.

    Ohhhh noo,I didn't find a turkey. Have fun at work.

    big hugssss to you sweetheart<3

  28. you got that shirt at h&m? awesome! i just posted a galaxy shirt, too and am still debating if i should get it! oh, and i have a $100 shopbop giveaway that i'd love for you to enter!!

  29. I lovelovelove your shirt! Also, your hair is amazing.

  30. These are epic!!!


  31. LOL, die ring is echt grappig. Ik voel me wel een beetje offended :p ben een Trekkie hhaah nee hoor :p. Ik vind alleen de laatste film van Star Trek leuk. De rest nee dankje. Je ziet er weer leuk uit meid.

  32. Hey dear,

    Guess what? You won my birthday angel wing ring giveaway! Congrats! Do email me your address at beneathdcrystalstars@gmail.com:)


  33. Je ziet er super uit, heel leuk gedaan alles!! Haha en je vingers, ik kan dat niet =(
    Relaxed dat je gestopt bent, ga je nu wat anders doen of werken?
    Die ring is helemaal top!!

  34. Amazing shirt and I just love what you did with the pictures!! That ring is awesome too :D !!


  35. You shirt dress is so gorgeous. I've been looking for one just like it!

    I'm not sure if the Chanel bag is real, I bought it off a little old lady selling her things. I know it's real leather cause my dad makes leather goods and so that's always a good indicator.

  36. great outfits love, I've been looking for that zara dress!!


  37. That's so cute! I love this Zara tee too, Now i'm gonna need it sooooo badly!

  38. Such a babe! Do you still have this shirt? Would you like to sell it to me? I can PayPal you for it! LMK thanks :)


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