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Last month, I surprised both myself and my surroundings by prancing around in this new pair of boyfriend jeans. By means of an experiment, I bought it on sale at H&M during my flash trip to Austria. And it was surprisingly easy to fit in this masculine piece of clothing into my generally feminine style - I simply swapped the skinny jeans I would have worn in this outfit with these jeans, and presto!

The baggy jeans are a welcome change to my wardrobe. I mean, every girl probably has a love-hate relationship with skinny jeans. I almost peed my pants last week - I got stuck in a  traffic jam and well, just happened to be wearing a gorgeous but humongously tight pair of jeans. I love the fact that skinnies are so figure hugging, but I pretty much despise the vesical-area-hugging side effects. In future I will be anticipating these potential moments of pee-agony by wearing the baggiest jeans ever!
About the trend-sensitivity of this style of jeans. It's bizarre how increasingly fleeting and superficial trends have become for the past few years. The boyfriend jeans barely made it's appearance on  numerous popular fashion blogs, and nowr they're on supersale at highstreet shops already. I thankfully make use of that fact (I basically buy 90% of my clothes with a discount), but it isn't that much of a good development for fashion in general.

I'd wish fashion would slow down a bit. I intend to buy clothes that may be fashionable at times, but above all stylish. For instance I don't understand much of the neon colour trend. Most fashion lovers used to ignore the neon spectrum  for ages, but flashy pinks and greens suddenly emerged out of the blogosphere and made their way to the catwalk. But honestly, I think that the fashion crowd will grow tired of it sooner or later. I simply think it's not that much of a flattering colour tone and the neon shirts, skirts and bags will probably be disappearing to the back of everyone's closets within a year. It's just too trend heavy and eventually it will be called outdated.

It's not that I intend to rule out every fashion trend out there. Some clothing trends are true gems. For instance I was thrilled about the peplum trend! I have already stocked up on a peplum skirt and two peplum tops for the past two seasons. Since the 1940s women have proven that the peplum is something ultimately feminine and silhouette improving, and in my opinion it's a shape that's here to stay. I am looking forward to showing you these items, to explain why I think I will still be wearing them in 20 years.

As long as those fitted tops and skirts still fit me in 20y, off course. Luckily I will still have my baggy jeans to save me from any prospective muffin tops if I don't. :)

Don't you just love these sandals by the way? Found them on a flea market for a bargain! Lasercut suede has been on my wishlist ever since I saw a pair of Alaïa's with razor sharp cutout print. Since Alaïa is slightly over budget I was thrilled to find these last summer. High street brand Morgan actually has high heels like this for sale at the moment, found them over at Spartoo - check below!

Wearing H&M boyfriend jeans, ZARA dotted blouse, similiar sandals from Morgan via Spartoo's sandals - dames sandalen

Don't you just love these sandals by the way?


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  1. love baggy pants!especially denim ones.great pics and style :)

  2. Superleuk meid! Luv baggy to the fullest :)

  3. Superleuke outfit, die baggy jeans staat je goed en de combinatie met dat bloesje en die mooie sandalen vind ik top!
    En eindelijk iemand die net zo over neon denkt als ik! Trends zijn zo bizar soms, van mij mag het ook allemaal wel wat trager :)

  4. Thank you for your comment !
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  5. Beutiful post!!!!! Nice shoes and you are so pretty.
    Besos desde Andalucía.


  6. So stunning!I love baggy jeans with high heel shoes :)

    Amazing pics aswell!!!


  7. Love your shoes! And I think you look great in these boyfriend jeans!

  8. I love boyfriend jeans! They are so comfy! And I love how you style them :-)

    Thnks for your lovely comment!


  9. great outfit!! I love your jeans and shoes!!!
    Thx for your lovely comment;) would you like follow each other??

    xx alex




  10. love your blog is so original!!! and nice post ;)

  11. Mooie look! Ben het met je eens wat betreft de trends..it's insane.

  12. "Since Alaïa is slightly over budget" haha, YOU THINK? Fijn dat je zoveel leuke kleren aan een prijsje op de kop kan tikken, al snap ik je frustratie m.b.t. fast-fashion. Ik ben alvast blij dat de vintage *trend* nog steeds niet out-dated is, en dat hopelijk ook nooit wordt. Hoera voor recycling!

    1. Ik schijn een voorkeur te hebben voor lichtelijke understatements in mijn taalgebruik, haha! Tsja, als je je bedenkt dat deze me 3 euro hebben gekost en Alaïa is ruwweg zo'n 1000% duurder dan is de keuze snel gemaakt wat mij betreft.. De vooruitgang die we hebben geboekt met het digitaliseren van de mode industrie is fantastisch maar het mag allemaal wel iets langzamer gaan met trends die komen en gaan. Word bedolven onder de blogposts over wéér een nieuwe fashionweek en wéér HET nieuwe musthave item wat iedereen dan blijkt te hebben/moeten hebben - ik kan me voorstellen dat sommige mensen daar een heel onverzadigd gevoel van krijgen (ik word er ook kriebelig van)! Maar inderdaad, vintage is een welkome fashion slowpoke!

  13. Love your outfit, a perfect mix!


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