Some oldie pictures again! But as promised, a new post will be up soon featuring a lovely peplum item! :)

These pictures are last year's Spring all over again. First thing I do the minute the sun pulls out from behind the clouds, I pull out this blush pink skirt from the back of my closet. Must be getting a boring view for the sun, not to mention you. But I'll tell you this: I was in doubt about getting the skirt, I thought it was too expensive and it would be drowning in the sea of other blush icecream toned clothes I own. Definitely had a thing for that at the time (ok I'll admit it, I still do). But I got it anyway. And every time I think of that 'I am not going to buy it' thought I get friggin' scared, man! I made memories with this skirt, dragged it with me all over Europe last summer and it has become a symbol of SS2011 to me. Wouldn't want to have missed that dusty pink flowiness in my cheesy peace-sign-making-tourist pictures. And about the price - I think I got the cost per wear down to about.. €0,50? What was I thinking? I think I am going to go have nightmares about that tonight.

Also, have you noticed the upcoming trend that heels have been becoming lower and more comfortable? I think it's a great change from the platform heels and killer stilettos that we have been wobbling around on. Will be wearing these a lot more often in summer - I love high heels but being a busy bee I can't handle walking miles and miles in sky high heels, and budget wise a taxi isn't an option either haha. A crazy thought, actually - would you ever take a cab just because you don't wear proper footwear? Talking about cost per wear...

Wearing Monki skirt, ZARA blouse, Supertrash leather jacket, similiar sandals (sandalen) found at Vagabond

Ph. by the ever so adorable Sabine - my youngest sister. 


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  1. :) De rok staat je erg mooi, leuk gecombineerd... en de schoenen zijn prachtig.

  2. Wat een prachtige outfit, je ziet d'r heel mooi uit!


  3. Heel erg mooi zeg! Leuk dat de schouders breed zijn en de rok wijd uitloopt, een mooie zandlopervorm!
    Love, Demi


  4. Lovely outfit! :) Thanks for visit my blog, I'm glad you liked the header.



  5. Je bent heel erg mooi en prachtige foto's. Die schoenen! Wauw.

  6. Wauw, dit staat echt zo goed!!

    Btw, binnenkort is er feestje met een fashion tintje. Doe je mee met mijn winactie?


  7. I love the skirt's color! Quite feminine, but just so cool in combination with your leather jacket!


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