It's a cliché but I love the energy that Paris gives me. I'm really excited about the Paris trip I planned with a dear friend for next April. I kind of didn't share a single picture of the day I spent in Paris in December with my boyfriend.. Sorry. There was snot all over in 90% of them. That's why. I have this infallible talent of falling sick the day before I take off for a city trip.. I did it in Rome, I did it in Paris, I managed to do it on my Summer trip to Barcelona even - I've catched a bloody cold in half of the European cities! Anyway, I'm rambling.. Here's the remaining 10% of the pictures I made during our short stay there.We haven't done anything particularly special: we had a long walk along the Seine river starting at the Notre Dâme and we ended up at le Tour Eiffel, mon dieu! Our visit at the Eiffel tower didn't last very long since the snot factor was becoming too much of a burden.. And so we warmed up in a cute lunchroom (further on), after which we did some shopping in the bigger malls of Paris.

A BIG must-visit is this lunchroom called La Maison Angelina. It's a ten minute walk from Le Musée de Louvre.. And therefore insanely expensive. I mean, I would love to believe that the sandwiches over at Angelina have been made by the finest of chefs, but we skipped the 19 euros treat anyway, hehe. I'd suggest you'd only go with the divine Le chocolat chaud à l’ancienne dit “l’Africain” - quite a mouthful, I know - but it's basically hot chocolate which tastes like liquid brownie cake. Which is GOOD in my books. Definitely going to get that off the menu in two months again, can't wait ♥

PS. I think I'm fi-nal-ly getting there with the layout renovations: right now it's frilly and cute but clean and light at the same time. I think the rage is finally calming down a bit guys. I pwomise I won't be changing too much of the layout anymore for some time, it would only put us out of balance, no?


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  1. I want to go to Paris, right NOW!

    Xoxo Whitney

  2. Oh een nieuwe layout! mooi hoor :)
    En Parijs is inderdaad erg inspirerend, heb ontzettend genoten van de keren dat ik daar was. En ik heb dezelfde chocolademelk gedronken! Die was echt goddelijk!

  3. I love Angelina! These pictures are stunning and capture the spirit of Paris so well.

    Step into Estherina's World

  4. I haven't been in Paris for so long! You can't imagine how jealous I am right now! Paris is beautiful, especially when you have nothing planned and you can just stroll around the city for ages. Hope you won't fall ill this time ;)
    Oh, and liquid brownies, omnomnom that must have tasted heavenly!

  5. Prachtige foto's! Ik wil zo graag 'n keertje naar Parijs.

  6. What a beautiful post, I love every single picture.


  7. we love paris! it's always gorgeous there, awesome photos!

    xx, Sabinna and David

    Broken Cookies

  8. Deze foto's zijn gewoonweg PRACHTIG! Ik ben in september nog in parijs geweest, mar mijn fotos zijn nog niet half zo mooi. Zo fijn dat je in april al weer terug kan! hopelijk zonder ziek te vallen deze keer :) xo Nikki

  9. Really like your new layout and this post makes me so happy.

  10. Your amazing hair! Ah and your outfit is awesome honey! Pretty cool sneakers. :)


  11. cute!!!


  12. these pictures are to beautiful for my eyes !


hoi ♥