I could not have foreseen that the words 'kicks for chicks' would EVER apply to my way of dressing. First of all, I really, reaaaally dislike the word chick. It reminds me of ghetto-chic girls and chickens in general - neither of those two are things I would like to identify myself with. But now I have taken the term in use, because chicks simply sounds catchy alongside kicks. As for the kicks part, a couple of months ago I declared that I would go live under a rock if the New Balance sneaker trend would seriously set foot (pun actually not intended). But this little story proves that you shouldn't take my remarks too seriously from now on. Not only because I still haven't moved my IKEA furniture to a nice big stone by the sea, but the sneaker trend has even kicked in to my own wardrobe as well...

I didn't start sporting the trend entirely voluntarily - I strained my foot while working in hospital last year and the injury has not faded that much ever since. So every once in a while the pain pops up - and I got the idea to start wearing my running shoes on a daily basis to ease the pain. The timing was perfect - I actually get a lot of compliments on my, apparently, on-trend shoes.

And this is where I want to introduce you to one of my newest sponsors - Spartoo.nl is the Dutch equivalent of the huge online store Spartoo that specializes in shoes (schoenen) from all brands and categories. They also happen to have sporty sporty shoes. So if you love the sneaker trend or happen to suffer from fasciitis plantaris like I do (I honestly hope you don't), take a look at the collection I wrapped up for you.
1.Nike Lunar forever
2.Nike Lunarglide 3+
3.Reebok Zig fly
2.No Name

1/2/3. Ash Bowie

So, what do you think of the sneaker trend? Do you hate it, do you love it, are you wearing it? I'm curious of your opinion.

PS. If you want to read about my (critical) attitude towards sponsors etc. - I am quite fond of individuality and independency as a blogger and strive to maintain those two qualities - you can read this interview I did with Dutch designer Charlotte Kan. There's a section on commercialism and blogging.


4 opmerkingen:

  1. super vette schoenen!

    new outfit post - cold as ice

  2. Ha, goede timing van deze post: ik heb me net Nike Air Mids aangeschaft! Volledig in het zwart wel, aangezien ik niet zo'n fan ben van felle kleurtjes, en ik wou comfort toch nog een béétje laten samenvallen met stijl. Ik was me er wel niet van bewust dat sneakers plots zo hip zijn. In het Antwerpse straatbeeld is het me iig nog niet opgevallen, maar msc zijn wij gewoon wat later :) Wat vind je van de Isabel Marant sneakers/wedges?

  3. Ik vind die summper strollin´echt zoo leuk ! Ik zie ook wel steeds vaker sneakers bij meisjes op school.. Ik ben er zelf niet meer zo´n fan van. ( behalve die summer strollin dan hihi) Maar 't is eigenlijk maar hoe je het combineert. xx


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