WARDROBE // Black and gold

H&M necklace and cuff, vintage golden necklace, thrifted ZARA cutout heels 
Ph. by me

Bargain Shopping is my middle name. 16,40 euros is quite a steal for two brand new jewellery pieces, a vintage necklace and a pair of ZARA heels that have only been worn once at a photoshoot.. While the latter originally costed about 120 euros in store. Gasp.

It's almost criminal, these kind of steals. And with gold as the perfect partner in crime (Get it? God I'm so hilarious..) for black this season, I'm all set for Fall in terms of accessories. I'm afraid I will have to keep the heels locked up (It doesn't stop! Rahhh) for the coming two seasons though, since I don't expect the sun to show up last-minute in these few days left of Summer..

PS. What do you think of the new layout? I did a pretty good job on the minimalism thing I was talking about earlier on amirite? Hah-hahh!! No seriously, feedback is much welcome!

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  1. Fab! En je layout is soepa doepa :D Ben ook aan mn minimalistische aan t werken maar ik snap er de tieten van :( Jou is t geweldig gelukt hon! xxxxxx

  2. I love these!
    There's no such thing as black and gold together :-)


  3. Ik heb die armband ook, maar dan in het wit! In het zwart hadden ze hem bij ons niet, maar die is ook echt mooi. En die schoenen zijn ook prachtig, wauw.

  4. Wauwie! Zwart gecombineerd met goud is inderdaad supermooi :) En ik vind je layout leuk!

  5. Wat een mooie sieraden!
    Bedankt voor je berichtje op mijn blog. De hight waist jeans is van de huidige collectie, ik heb 'm ongeveer een maand geleden online besteld. Ik heb ook een donkerblauwe en een hight waist jeansshort, ik begrijp nu niet meer waarom ik ooit van die lage broeken heb gedragen! ;)

    x Linda


  6. thanks so much for the sweet comment! I love your blog & those black heels are perfect:) I am not following your blog & I'm excited to have a new friend!!

  7. amazing jewerly, and you are right, the necklace is so awesome, i love it too :)

  8. Cool pieces!

    I don't know how was your previous layout but this one looks so nice


  9. lovely golden accessories! i also love the new layout dear. wish i could do the same with mine, naahhh...just kidding. i kinda think that more is more!

  10. Mag ik vragen waar je die schoenen dan gescoord hebt :)?

    Ik heb echt de laatste tijd een verslaving voor goud, dus ik begrijp het helemaal haha. Erg mooie items!

    Je layout is mooi en minimalistisch geworden.. alleen vind ik wel dat ie een beetje te anoniem is: het duurde even tot ik doorhad dat ik op jouw blog was beland :)

  11. I love the layout and I definitely looove your bargains!

  12. mooi! wat een prachtig nieuwe lay-out en foto's! de ketting heb ik ook, ben er helemaal verliefd op

  13. Just came across your blog and I love it :)
    I saw that necklace at H&M today and it was love at first sight! Cant wait to wear it!


  14. you have an eye for good stuff, these are great buys, clean, classy and chic! I love them. LIke your style. Following you!

    Thanks for dropping by my blog by the way.


  15. Black and gold is so classy :) I love the layout of your blog, so simple yet so sophisticated !

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  16. wonderful pieces! i love your blog. thanks for your comment- i'm following you now. follow back, honey?! wish you a wonderful day.
    maren anita

  17. First: thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment! you definitely have to see that movie!!
    Second: OMG what an amazing blog you have...Did you take the pictures for this post??they are inmaculate! Love love love!
    I am your new follower, I hope someday you consider following mine, that would be soo cool!
    Have a lovely day and keep in touch!! Farah

  18. heel leuke aankopen!
    minimal is echt heel leuk, probeer ik tegenwoordig ook wat om aan te houden.

    x Je suis Sophie

  19. woow lovely purchases!!!!
    i buy the necklace and bracelet by H&M too!!!
    they are gorgeous!!
    cute blog! i'm following you by google friends box hope you'll do the same ONLY if' you'll like mine!
    sweet italian kisses

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  20. hi babe!!!
    thanks for visit my blog
    i follow u ^^
    i love the brazalet! it is soooo wonderful!
    i want it!
    see u soon!

  21. perfect, black and gold is such a nice match especially this fall!

  22. I love your blog! I will definitely follow it :)
    Actually I have been looking for the H&M necklace in Bilbao (where I am now) and I don´t find it :( I will have to check somewhere else...
    Thanks for passing by my blog :)


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