OUTFIT // Forgotten London

Crystal Fighters - I love London

Wearing Jane Norman top, H&M Fashion against Aids pants, Birkenstock sandals, H&M necklace, bracelets from Spain etc.

Ph. by zhe boyfriend

Some forgotten pictures from my trip to London. This is what I looked like in my attempt to dress original, comfortable and still citytrip-acceptable in practically the only weather-proof shirt and pants that were in my suitcase at the time.. I dragged all my awesome, long-sleeved striped or silk shirts and blouses and layering stuffz with me, my tight-fitting jeans, 6 pairs of socks... I don't know whoever said that the UK is rainy and cold because IT'S. A. BIG. FAT. LIE. I took all those items unworn with me to the Netherlands again. I took a leap of faith once with my longsleeve stripey shirt and damn did I regret that ha ha.

All in all, I discovered that it's okay to only have a few items with you on a holiday. Since I am a professional in the art of overpacking it was quite refreshing. It will be hard for me to try it out again deliberately though. I have been raised with the 'Do you have your coat with you? You'll get siccckkkk' remark from my mother, even when it was 30 degrees outside.. Doom scenarios would pop up if I wouldn't take my coat with me. Sweaty, sweaty childhood. (I do love you, mama.) (She actually reads my blog) Anyway, I have developed the habit to think of every possible weather condition whenever I pack my bags for a holiday ever since.

On another note, on my next trip I won't have to worry about these Issues. I'm brainstorming about going on a small trip to Stockholm with a friend and it's said to be really, really cold over there.. At least my mom won't have to worry about whether I will take my coat with me or not - that's a definite yes.

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  1. Comfy look, I like it :)

  2. Hele mooie outfit. Perfect voor een citytrip! x

  3. mooie ketting, mooie top! staat je goed weer

  4. love that pants lady..great boho chic look!
    new on mine..kiss

    patchwork à Porter

  5. I love your outfit, you really look amazing :)

  6. You look Beautiful...so effortlessly chic! I wish i was there...looks an amazing place to just walk around and admire nature!
    About the London weather, eveyone says that...and worst of all is that movies that are filmed there usually have that greyish sky...Thank God you didnt get to see any of that!
    kisses Farah www.2-gitanas.blogspot.com

  7. Ik blijf die broek zalig vinden!
    En ooh stockholm :) Daar wil ik al zo lang heen!

  8. hele leuke outfit!
    ik pak ook altijd voor elk weer in, veel te veel altijd.


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