RANDOM // A small announcement

Hello dearies, it's been ages once again! What can I say, I am just a horrible thing when it comes to doing things regularly. Like following a series on TV, watering my plants, phoning my friends every once in a while, putting up blogposts on a regular basis..

This behaviour surely costs me a lot of subjects to talk about.. Whenever I yell 'Shut up about who got eliminated at Masterchef Australia this week, haven't seen the show yet rah rah RAH!!' like a crazy person, it might cause some awkward and slightly shocked silences.. I simply love that show, damnit! The lack of flower-watering probably brings me a lot of negative vegetable karma (?), and trying to donate my floral friends to the buddies I neglected by not phoning them doesn't help that much either.. 'Here, have this wonderful, erm, plant! Yes, off course it's supposed to be brown and arrid, it's a.. Desert plant!...' I think I'll buy some cacti next time.

In other words, by being the chaotic multi-tasking mess I am I cause myself a lot of problems. This blog is one of them. Luckily, it's not a threat to my social life like the phone-drama. But it surely is something I feel guilty about - I think I don't allow myself to do something I love, because I always have something to do that's more important. But, you see, the thing of life is (LIFE LESSON 1): it's short. I decided that I really need to take a step back, lower my pace and look around a bit. Enjoy the moment, enjoy the stuff I love. If I would do so, I would notice that my plants are on the edge of dying a slow and thirstful death on time. And I would take the 30 seconds it takes to give them a shot of H2O. Plants happy, me happy. And I think that it's the same with my dessicated little blog. A little bit of time and love and it will florish again, and in the end it will be worth the effort for myself as well.

Taking this into consideration, I am now busy creating a fresh new layout, I'm working on a give-away collaboration and there's a LOT OF FASHION COMING UP. LOTS LOTS LOTS! If you want to keep up to date in the meantime, follow me through my facebook or twitter. You can also check Concept of Infinity via Bloglovin' if you're curious of the newest post that's coming up!

PS. Here's a little preview on an outfit that I obviously wore while it was still hot outside (which is synonymous to a gazillion years ago, but whatever)!

See you very soon!


11 opmerkingen:

  1. Love the double cuffs!


  2. love your dress!

    check my give-away!!

  3. hAHAHA je schrijft zo leukkkk :D En rustig aan hoor, zolang je maar geniet van whatever ur doing en dat je bezig bent met dingen waar je hart ligt, good for the future yada yada yada.

    En ik wil je tas. NU!


  4. It's good to see that you are back! I love your blog and it would be a shame if you would neglect it! ;)

    London Last Night

  5. leuk om te lezen! ik herken mezelf er helemaaaaal niet in, moet ik eerlijk zeggen, maar voor mij is het ook belangrijk om meer te relaxen en in het nu te leven. veel succes ;)

  6. beautiful! I waiting for more ;)

    greetings from

  7. Ik ben benieuwd naar de nieuwe posts!!!! Fijn dat je terug bent ;)

  8. Haha fijne inleiding voor je aankondiging :p


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