We're finally getting close to the final show of last week's fashion week dearies! And I've saved the best for last.. Let me introduce you to the Swedish brand Velour! The brand showed in association with Volvo and this collaboration worked out great.

The fashion crowd was at it's most stylish this night. The highlight? Stylist Jean-Paul Paula rocking his D-Squared thigh highs with spine heels!

The collection consisted of both menswear and clothing for women. I personally preferred the menswear - Velour has proven that putting young people into an old fisherman's outfit can really look good. I especially loved the stylish colour combinations, the casual knitwear in combination with simple denim and nicely tailored jackets. Although I wouldn't want to see those little knitted hats back into the street, it really worked well on the runway. Laid-back, stylish show.

Isn't that mens clutch just to die for? I got word there is going to be introduced a bag like that at the H&M mens department.. Guess who'll be standing in line?

My fav 'jellyfish' dress // H&M
Suede obi belt // H&M
Leather jacket // Supertrash
Birdskull necklace // my own
Suede booties // ZARA (not shown)

Finally, I'm leaving you with a (partial) picture of my outfit. Nothing special - everybody seemed to have the time to think about their clothing for hours, but I actually had to rush from work to the shows, grab some dinner and fix an outfit within 45 minutes, haha!


6 opmerkingen:

  1. ziet er mooi uit ! En ik vind je outfit ook super en vooral uit je vorige post zeg !

  2. what a smooth cat show! you are looking very fashion week. I actually do adore the man clutch too ehhee x

  3. Mooie collectie, vind de menswear echt leuk! En je outfit ook.

  4. Mooie collectie! En jij ziet er ook heel leuk, je jasje en jurkje zijn echt gaaf.

    x Nathalie

  5. you are beautifull here and the dress is simplu stunning!


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