The kids that follow me on twitter already got prepared - I mentioned an appointment with the hairdresser, and it was quite the revolutionary appointment if I have to say so myself..!

Yesterday evening, I cut my hair for charity. This is the very last picture that features my lengthy hairdo, all that's left is a ponytail that will go straight to charity. I decided to donate my hair to be used in a wig for hairless children - may it be children who suffer from Alopecia or children who have hair loss due to cancer therapies.

There used to be a very brave young girl in my school when I was about 10 years old. I still remember her, because she proudly strutted around sporting... Her hairless skin. She wasn't ashamed of her bald head. And there was nothing to be ashamed of, in my opinion - it takes a lot of bravery to be able to walk around like that at an age of such uncertainty, the early start of puberty. Apart from bravery and confidence, it takes a lot of acceptance and support from the environment as well. Sadly enough there still is a taboo on bald women and kids.

My hair will eventually grow back. In some heads it simply won't grow at all, permanent or temporary.
Hair: it's just a bunch of keratin. But to a young kid that bunch of keratin can make them feel a bit human again, and less a 'sick person'. I don't agree with the taboo on baldness, but as long as it exists donations will be needed to provide these kids with free wigs.

For Dutchies who are interested in the story of the charity fund: Stichting Haarwensen has become quite famous over the years but every single straw of hair will be welcomed warmly.

On another note, I will show you the new hair soon soon soon. I happen to be very happy with it, too :) win-win!

Peace out.


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  1. Wat goed dat je dat doet joh! :D Knap ook dat je dat durft!

  2. Bij ons kan je je haar laten knippen voor een pruik voor kankerpatiënten! Dat ben ik zeker ook van plan te doen :) Als mijn haar eraf gaat, dan ineens genoeg om er iemand blij mee te maken! Ben benieuwd naar je nieuwe kapsel :)

  3. Ooh, heel goed van jou! En zoals auxpaysdesmerveilles al zegt: dat ben ik ook van plan te doen. Heb namelijk heel dicht gestaan bij een kaal familielid. Maar eerst zal mijn haar nog enkele maanden moeten groeien, anders ga ik door het leven met een 'broske' en dat zie ik net niet zitten :)

  4. wat toevallig, ik ben ook al een aantal weken er over 'nt denken om mn haar af te knippen en te doneren aan stichting haarwensen!

  5. echt heel goed dat je dit doet!
    En je nieuwe hairdo staat je ook nog eens geweldig!


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