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Busy times, ladies, busy times. As we are speaking I have just returned to my home country after a rather short but fabulous weekend in Ghent, Belgium. And now I am going to get my hair cut - which means I will say goodbye to a wowing 2 inches of my hair... Pretty damn daring, no? EDIT: just cut my hair. You will be STUNNED (insert sarcasm tag). No seriously, I really, really should be thinking about a new hairdo! Any ideas? But we're getting off-topic.

This picture shows.. my back. But it's not just my back, it's my back intensely listening to Dutch designer Charlotte Kan. We will be collaborating on her so-called Play and Pose series slash collection, in collab with several Dutch bloggers, and I'm really excited to be playing around with one of her designs.. To be continued.

If time will miraculously quadruple itself by tomorrow, I'll might be able to be posting an outfit post later on this week. Woo!


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