OUTFIT // Kimono blonde

I realized that you still haven't seen the item that I had mysterically featured earlier. Shame! So here you go, a brand new outfit post featuring my pastel Zara kimono. Ladies, I'm in love! The colour's perfect, and I have always had a love for the Asian style of clothing. The only thing is that the style clashes with my hair colour, which is far from Asian-like. Which is why I immediately bought this soft-coloured item the minute I saw it: it kind of blends in with the hair a bit.

The pictures were taken at a local flea market in Amsterdam, had a meeting with a bunch of lovelies. Thanks for the lovely day Sabrina, Hazal, Cana, Helena, Angela, Lotte and Zafiera!

Ph. by nearly everyone mentioned above, lol

Kimono jacket // ZARA
Obi belt // H&M (old)
Flats // years old
Silver cuff // H&M
Bracelets // from all over the world
Sunglasses // bought on the market as a necessary evil, it was so sunny!

13 opmerkingen:

  1. Het ziet er super leuk uit! Mooie flatjes!

  2. leuke foto's, de kimono staat je heel mooi!

  3. Beautiful outfit!
    I love everything about it :-)
    Your hair, kimono, sunglasses, bracelet etc.


  4. It's beautiful!!!
    i love your songlasses,i want a pair similar but i can't find them!

  5. Ho supermooi die kimono! Looking good kid!

  6. de kimono is echt heel leuk!! staat je super
    leuke foto's trouwens!

    x Je suis Sophie

  7. Love this! I really love the shape/style/colour of this top and how you've styled it is great. I love the sunnies with this, and the rolled up hems and flats look so cute!
    Love it all, and I don't think it clashes at all :)


hoi ♥