LIFE // Model makeup

Readers who follow me on twitter already know that I have walked a show as a model a few weeks ago! I still need to sort out the pictures my boyfriend took while I was walking down the runway, but here's a picture of the look that the makeup artist gave me.

It's going to be a little bit quiet on my blog for the few coming days - I will be flying from Barcelona to London tomorrow! Excited and see you soon!


OUTFIT // Vintage bridal dress

The sun peeked out from behind the clouds and I took that moment to show the world my erm, slightly pale legs, hah hah! The legs did match the virgin atmosphere that surrounds this wonderful vintage dress - I like to believe it's a vintage bridal dress.

Dress // vintage
Sandals // unknown
Bracelets // vintage, H&M, old and from the shop I work in


RANDOM // Preview

Preview of an outfit I wore at a local festival. I've been stacking my bracelets like crazy lately, haven't done this since 2009! Full outfit post soon..


OUTFIT // Kimono blonde

I realized that you still haven't seen the item that I had mysterically featured earlier. Shame! So here you go, a brand new outfit post featuring my pastel Zara kimono. Ladies, I'm in love! The colour's perfect, and I have always had a love for the Asian style of clothing. The only thing is that the style clashes with my hair colour, which is far from Asian-like. Which is why I immediately bought this soft-coloured item the minute I saw it: it kind of blends in with the hair a bit.

The pictures were taken at a local flea market in Amsterdam, had a meeting with a bunch of lovelies. Thanks for the lovely day Sabrina, Hazal, Cana, Helena, Angela, Lotte and Zafiera!

Ph. by nearly everyone mentioned above, lol

Kimono jacket // ZARA
Obi belt // H&M (old)
Flats // years old
Silver cuff // H&M
Bracelets // from all over the world
Sunglasses // bought on the market as a necessary evil, it was so sunny!


RANDOM // Preview

Hi dearies! As we are speaking I am on my way to the warm beaches of Spain! It's absolutely marvelous that the most important questions of the following days will be in the category 'should I get a tan or not?' and 'do they still hold rabajas at the Spanish stores?' DELICIOUS! The fun doesn't stop there.. I'll be flying from Barcelona straight to London afterwards! Expect lots of pictures! For now I'll leave you with a little preview of an outfit I wore a few weeks ago..


OUTFIT // Maxi

It's been ages since I posted anything, I know - but I really needed this break to catch my breath again, to enjoy the freedom that the ending of this college year has brought me.. And to work like crazy to earn some cash to spend on my holiday destinations! As we are speaking I am packing up for a double trip to both Barcelona and the Spanish beaches, and London! So I'm keeping it short!

These pictures were taken when I attended an event at a store called We Like Fashion. More on this later, it's a nice store! Had lots of fun with several bloggers, met cute people ♥

Ph. Sabrina and Hazal & Cana

Dress // H&M FAA, last year
Leather jacket // Supertrash
Sakura heels // Topshop
Cuffs // H&M
Necklace worn as belt // unknown

I'm off to pack again! Really missed blogging. More posts to come!